Banking tips

Double swipe practice
Travel tips
Tips for converting from Resident to Non-Resident customers

Application forms

Credit Cards Application Form
New account opening form for individuals
New account opening form for corporate
Account Conversion from Resident to Non-Resident Individual
Know Your Customer (KYC) Detail Update Form for Individuals
Additional Service Form for Individuals or Sole Proprietor
Fixed Deposit (FD) Request Form
Mutual funds application form
Application for Account Opening Omani Business Owner
Supplementary Credit Card Application Form
Certificate Request form
Application for Leasing Safe Deposit Locker
Najahi Debit Card Application Form
Request for change of existing account to Najahi account
Corporate Dormant Account Activation Form
Communication Form/ Indemnity for Government & Corporate Customers
Stop Cheque Request Form
Application for Closure of Account
Customer Prepaid Card Application Form
Trade Portal Application Form
Corporate Card Application Form
Loan Pre-Payment Request Form
Customers with disability and illiterate acknowledgment form
Application form for opening Regulated Charities and Associations Account
International Funds Transfer Form
Local Payments and Pay Order Form
Standing Order Application Form
Themaar Savings plan Application form
Client Profiling Form & Non-Discretionary Investment Management Agreement

Online banking application forms

Internet Banking Registration and Additional Services Form for Individual Customers
Online Banking Service Agreement For User Registration for Ministry/Company/Club Associations/Partnership firms/Sole Proprietorship - arabic
Online Banking Service Agreement For User Registration for Ministry/Company/Club Associations/Partnership firms/Sole Proprietorship - english


Bank charges

FATCA Related Forms


Common reporting standard (CRS) Forms

CRS form for Entities
CRS form for Individual / Sole Proprietor
CRS Controlling Person Self Certification form


Banking license
Commercial registration certificate
Chamber of commerce certificate
VAT Registration Certificate
Capital market authority license
Article of association
Patriot act
Wolfsberg group anti-money laundering questionnaire


Value Added Tax (VAT) for Retail Customers FAQs
Value Added Tax (VAT) for Corporate Customers FAQs
Bank Muscat offers FAQs
Bank Muscat wallet FAQs
Mobile banking FAQs
Mutual funds FAQs
Asset management FAQs
One Time Password (OTP) FAQs

Terms & Conditions

Credit Cards terms and conditions
Asalah Priority Banking Membership - Terms & Conditions
Individuals - Terms & Conditions
Corporate - Terms & Conditions
Internet banking & Mobile banking - Terms & Conditions *
Bank Muscat offers - Terms & Conditions
Bank Muscat wallet - Terms & Conditions
Loan - Terms & Conditions
Baituna construction - Terms & Conditions
Baituna purchase - Terms & Conditions
One Time Password (OTP) - Terms & Conditions
Prepaid card - Terms & Conditions
Green Sport - Terms & Conditions
Corporate Card Terms And Conditions
Shukran Prepaid Card - Terms & Conditions
Themaar Savings plan Terms & Conditions

* Bank Muscat Internet Banking and m​Banking Terms and Conditions have been updated, and will be effective from July 1, 2022.​


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