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Bank Muscat's Asset Management team offers a comprehensive range of mutual funds focused on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to investor. This typically entails capital appreciation and or distribution of regular income in line with the respective mandate of each fund. Benefit from our team's unique capabilities, including:

  • Over two decades of proven expertise across a variety of asset classes delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Largest Asset Manager in Oman and a leading player in the GCC region in terms of managing top performing mutual funds in their respective categories
  • Proven performance track record since 1994 across different phases of economic and market cycles.
  • Disciplined investment approach based on in-depth analysis and market insights to maximize returns.

Who is it for:

Individuals and institutional investors seeking capital appreciation through a well diversified portfolio under the guidance of an experienced and trusted fund manager.

Grow your investment with Bank Muscat:​

Bank Muscat manages top performing mutual funds, choose one that suits your investment goals:

  • Bank Muscat Oryx Fund: Invests in equity securities listed in the GCC region and is suitable for medium to long-term investments.
  • Bank Muscat Money Market Fund: Invests in short-term fixed income instruments and is suitable for parking short-term liquidity to earn attractive returns for each day of investment.

Features and Benefits:
  • Attractive Returns: Both funds have generated attractive returns for investors through capital appreciation and/or regular income based on each fund’s objective on a risk-adjusted basis.
  • Diversification: The funds invest across a variety of asset classes, including equities, fixed income and real estate, thereby offering a full suite of choices to meet the diverse needs of our investors​.
  • Flexible Investment Horizon: No lock-in period for investments ensures you can plan your investment horizon that suits your financial objectives from short-term to long-term​.
  • Daily Liquidity: Investing in our mutual funds ensures that you would have easy access to liquidity i.e.; investment units can be redeemed at any time to generate cash.
  • Easy Online Access: Subscribe and redeem conveniently through our mBanking App and Internet Banking.

How to start?

Click here to view the steps on how to invest & redeem in Oryx Fund and Money Market Fund through mBanking and Internet Banking.

Enjoy growing returns, and explore the performance track-record of bank muscat's mutual funds:

fund name
asset class
inception year
currency historical returns
year to date 1 year 3 years* 5 years* 10 years* as of date
Oryx Fund listed equities in GCC region
OMR and USD -4.5%
12.6% 12.2% 7.5% 30th of May 2024
fund name
asset class inception year
currency annualized returns
1 month 3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
as of date
Money Market Fund fixed income securities
2012 OMR and USD 5.32% 5.25%
5.17% 5.07% 30th​ of May 2024
*Annualized returns.

Disclaimer: Please refer to the prospectus of the fund to understand the key terms and conditions. Investors are requested to refer to the key risk factors highlighted in the prospectus. It should be noted that the funds’ returns are subjected to market performance and past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Bank Muscat’s mutual funds’ Net Asset Value (NAV) are published on a daily basis on Bank Muscat website and on Muscat Stock Exchange website.

Net Asset Value (NAV):

Invest today for a better future.

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fund name


net asset value

last updated date

fact sheet


bank muscat Oryx Fund




bank muscat Oryx Fund




bank muscat Money Market Fund




bank muscat Money Market Fund




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