Bank Muscat Visa Prepaid Card

Be in control everywhere, all the time

Bank Muscat Visa Prepaid Card

Be in control everywhere, all the time

Bank Muscat Prepaid Card is a reloadable prepaid card designed for everyday use, bringing you convenience and simplicity. You can have up to three cards with a maximum balance of RO 2,000. Top up your card through your Mobile Banking app, online banking or at your nearest Bank Muscat branch.

Bank Muscat Visa Prepaid Card

  • Travel Light
  • With Bank Muscat Visa Prepaid Card, it’s one less thing to worry about on your travels. Safer and more convenient than carrying cash, you can use it anywhere and you won’t be stuck with a whole lot of foreign currency when you return.

  • Budget Right
  • Simply load the funds you want to spend on household expenses whether its you or someone else does the shopping. You can spend what you have on your card and stay within your budget.

  • Be secure
  • Use your Bank Muscat Visa Prepaid Card online and be safer as you limit the maximum amount that can be spent on the card.

  • Manage Expenses
  • Use your Prepaid Card for your monthly fuel, and manage the expenses conveniently.

  • Keep Track
  • Just check your transaction history online or on the Mobile Banking app so that you can track your spend.

  • E-Pin for added security and flexibility. For details click here
  • Secure Internet shopping via online OTP service.
  • 24-hour ATM Cash Advance facility, 100% of your credit limit.

Offers & Promotions

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Bank Muscat Visa Prepaid Card

Issuance Fee

​2.100 OMR​

Annual Maintenance Fee

1.050 OMR

Replacement Card Fee

5.250 OMR

Cancellation Fee


Recharge / Reload Fee

0.105 OMR

Refund Fee

1.050 OMR

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee Oman Net

0.105 OMR

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee GCC Net

0​.315 OMR

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee

1.575 OMR


0.840 OMR


0.105 OMR

Dormancy Fee - per month post 12 months of dormancy

2.100 OMR

Foreign Exchange Mark-Up Fee (For all International Transactions)


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