asset management

invest and grow your wealth through bank muscat’s asset management division and its team of qualified investment professionals to deliver on your investment goals


  • global, regional and local investment solutions across Fixed Income and Equities and structured products
  • discretionary portfolio management services for large clients
  • products tailored for specific risk profile and returns expectations
  • strong client relationship and servicing
  • robust investment process driven by research
  • bouquet of investment products
    • bank muscat Muscat Fund
    • bank muscat oryx fund
    • bank muscat money market fund
    • India dynamic fund
    • India equity fund of funds
    • Enhanced fixed income plan
    • capital protected notes
    • MENA dividend aristocrats
    • emerging markets investments
    • systematic investment plan with minimum investment of 50 Omani rials a month


private equity

benefit from bank muscat’s Private Equity Group’s expertise in private equities investment and fund management

  • management of investments in the unlisted/ private equity asset class
  • expertise in diverse offerings across 5 jurisdictions to suit investor requirements
  • opportunity to diversify portfolios
  • strategic investments on properties
  • bouquet of real estate funds:
    • izdihar real estate fund
    • Oman fixed income fund
    • BM GCC property income fund
    • Oman integrated tourism projects fund L.P
  • catering to sophisticated high net worth and institutional clients
  • extensive know-how in alternate investments
  • structured products to cater to alternate investment strategies, markets & regions