SME Insurance

Run your business with the added assurance of GIG Gulf’s SME insurance

  • Comprehensive ‘business secure’ to tackle unexpected risks
  • Coverage for employees’ insurance needs
  • Choice of covers related to business activity
  • Tailored package from SME experts


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Business travel insurance

Give your employees the travel protection they deserve with MetLife’s business travel insurance

  • Worldwide travel protection in case of any incidents/accidents
  • 24/7 global assistance with locations in Europe, America And Asia
  • Simple claims process
  • Dedicated travel team to service commercial underwriting and claims needs


What are the covers offered under the business travel insurance plan?

  • Loss of personal baggage, personal money & passport
  • Emergency medical & transportation expenses
  • Personal accident compensation
  • Baggage delay
  • Delayed departure

How can I avail medical and transportation expenses?

  • If you fall sick or get injured accidentally during the trip, you can avail emergency medical expenses
  • If you need medical treatment outside of the destination you are in, transportation expense will be arranged and covered

What is covered under personal accident compensation?

  • Accidental injuries
  • Death during the trip

What service is offered under the baggage delay cover?

An allowance for the purchase of essentials, limited to clothing, toiletries and medication, is offered to cover delays of 12 hours or more in the arrival of baggage at the destination point.

What are the factors considered for delayed departure cover?

Delayed departure due to unexpected events, such as:

  • Strikes
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Technical fault

* Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 8000 0700


Group personal accident

Protect your employees and their families with MetLife’s group personal accident plan

  • Protection for employees undergoing unfortunate accidents
  • Coverage of medical expenses due to an accident
  • No prior medical examination required


What does the group personal accident insurance offer?

The group personal accident insurance provides a lump sum that can contribute to any costs your employees may face as a result of any accidents or to help their families in case of death of the employee.

Are all accidents covered under the insurance?

Accidents/incidents occurring in the workplace, during working hours, or outside working hours, are covered 24/7 with worldwide protection.

What is covered under the policy?

  • Death
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Permanent partial disablement
  • Repatriation

How are medical expenses covered under group personal accident insurance?

Although hospital bills incurred in an accident are generally covered by health insurance, the group personal accident policy also gives you an additional lump sum amount, which covers the repayment of medical, surgical or hospital fees incurred as a result of an accident.

* Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 8000 0700


SME Health insurance

Make the employees health care an essential facet of your organization with AXA’s comprehen​sive health insurance

  • Range of plans for different SME business models
  • Premium protection and cover against unexpected medical expenses
  • Access to a wide range of clinics and hospitals around the world
  • 24/7 International Emergency Medical Assistance for regional and international plans
  • Online reimbursement claim submission for out of network claims


Which areas are covered under the health insurance plans?

The plans cater to three main areas of cover - local, regional and international.

How are comprehensive plans made available?

  • Comprehensive plans are available with local and international medical providers, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical centres, radiology centres, dentists, optical centres and others around the world.
  • The list of providers within the network are available on the bank muscat online provider locator.

How are pre-existing and chronic conditions covered?

Pre-existing and chronic conditions diagnosed after the effective date of the policy are covered. however, it is very important that you fully declare any existing medical conditions on the application form.

What are the other bespoke benefits offered?

Additional benefits to the existing policy include wellness (health check-up), alternative/complementary treatment, maternity, dental and psychiatric treatment. These benefits can be included in the insurance cover, up to a special limit, according to the plan.

How can I avail International Emergency Medical Assistance (IEMA)?

If your employee and their dependents are unable to receive treatment locally, the bank will arrange for them to be taken to the nearest place with available treatment.

What is required for online reimbursement of out of network claims?

There is no monetary maximum limit per claim when uploading the claim through the portal for large amounts however, an original document may be requested

How can I add/delete employees listed in the plan?

The online portal can be accessed for easy addition/deletion of employees for large corporations.

* Terms and conditions apply. for more information call 2403 2666


Corporate health insurance

Ensure your employees’ health and wellness with AXA’s health insurance policy

  • Bespoke healthcare plans for your employees
  • Extensive local, regional and international networks, and access via a single card
  • 24/7 Helpline support and operations platform
  • Comprehensive wellness and wellbeing offering
  • International standards of service, with strong local & regional expertise


What are the main covers offered under health insurance?

  • AXA offers extensive bespoke plans for in and out-patient treatment, along with maternity, dental, optical, wellness and core benefits covers
  • The plan can be fully customised by selection between local, regional, international areas of cover
  • Select between the different levels of networks, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostics centres. the providers are spread across the region and internationally
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions are covered under the corporate plans

How can I locate a medical provider covered under the plan?

Log into the AXA online provider locator and you can search the directory of hospitals, clinics, and other providers. alternatively, call the customer care team. please remember to take your AXA medical card with you when you go for treatment and ask your hospital, medical practitioner or clinic about direct billing if this has not already been confirmed.

What are the services included in the cover?

  • 24/7 Helpline for members and providers, along with international emergency medical assistance (IEMA) for regional and international plans
  • Online reimbursement claims portal for submission of reimbursement claims
  • Strong servicing capabilities via our 24/7 operational platform

How can I get In-patient treatment?

When you need treatment, the AXA customer care team will help you arrange your treatment plan. we appreciate that in case of an emergency, it will not be practical or possible for you to contact AXA for prior approval. in circumstances like these, we ask you to get in touch with the customer care team at least 24 hours after treatment has been sought, so that AXA can confirm whether treatment is covered and arrange a direct settlement with your provider, in case it is a provider within your selected network.

Can I access the online portal for addition/deletion of employees?

Yes, we do have an online portal for day-to-day additions and deletions and access can be provider to dedicated HR personal.

Is there any limit for claims submitted online?

There is no monetary maximum limit per claim uploaded through the portal, however please retain all the original document, which may be requested by AXA for audit purposes.

* Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 2403 2666


Property insurance

Avail complete protection from unforeseen hazards with AXA’s property insurance

  • Covers for small/large industrial and commercial corporations
  • Fire & allied hazards insurance
  • Property all-risk insurance
  • Consequential loss of profit insurance


Under what circumstances is the property insurance cover offered?

In the event of accidental loss or damage to your building, property, fittings and fixtures, machinery, furniture, or stock, the property insurance will cover the financial costs and the subsequent loss of profits that arise from the situation.

What are the three types of covers offered to ensure protection of the property?

  • Fire & allied hazards insurance
  • Property all-risk insurance
  • Consequential loss of profit insurance

What is fire & allied hazards insurance?

It is a comprehensive protection against fire, lighting, storm, hurricane, earthquake, flood, impact damage, etc.

What assets are insured under fire & allied hazards insurance?

  • Building
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Plants and equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Stock in trade from raw materials to finished products

What is covered under property all-risk insurance?

The property all-risk insurance protects your business assets against all natural disasters and accidents. the policy is usually issued on an annual basis.

What are the key benefits of fire & allied hazards and property all-risk insurance?

  • Risk engineering consultancy services to clients
  • Competitive pricing to give your business maximum value for money and rewarding your good claims experience
  • Standard cover combined with a complete set of optional extensions specific to your activity.

What are the features of the consequential loss of profit insurance?

  • The business interruption policy is designed to restore the business (if your business incurs a loss) to the same financial position before the loss occurred
  • The interruption period starts from the date of the loss (deductible 2 weeks) and extends to when the business’s turnover and profit levels are back to where they would have been before the loss
  • The policy is tailor-made to meet your requirements and to ensure that you can add many extensions and options to your basic cover

What does the business interruption policy cover?

The policy cover loss of gross profit following material damage as a result of fire, lightning, storm, hurricane, earthquake, flood, impact damage or other insured peril at your premises.

What are the benefits of this policy?

  • Flexibility to design the policy as per your needs
  • Coverage extension to include professional accountant’s charges and claims preparation expenses.

* Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 2403 2666


Worker’s compensation

Earn goodwill from your employees, which is designed to make your work environment safe and protected

  • Protects employees as well as businesses
  • Minimises employees’ exposure to risk arising from work-related injuries
  • Provides financial cover in case of work-related injury
  • Reimburses medical expenses


* Terms and conditions apply. For more information call 2403 2666

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