whistle blower policy

setting a benchmark in professional integrity, bank muscat has adopted a new Whistleblower Policy aimed at maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in banking operations. The new policy is a natural progression emanating from the bank’s strong commitment to best practices in Corporate Governance.

the comprehensive policy covers all areas of dealings with customers, colleagues and others, including suppliers and contractors. In order to check the abuse of the new policy, false allegations or frivolous claims will not be entertained.

with a high degree of accountability, the Whistleblower Policy seeks to raise the bank’s stature through transparent and effective procedures.

two whistleblower channels will be available to report a wrongdoing or inappropriate behaviour, i.e. you either call a Hotline or send an email. To access the whistleblower contact details.

the policy is published on bank muscat website so that customers, suppliers or non- staff can register concerns by email. You may or may not choose to identify yourself. In case you feel your identity will become apparent or you choose to identify yourself and need additional protection, you can seek protection from the Protection officer, who is the AGM-Human Resources. He will ensure that you do not suffer from any disadvantage for making a report about a suspected wrongdoing.

all investigations will be conducted in a manner that is fair, objective and leading to natural justice in all circumstances.

we urge you to courageously “speak out” against unacceptable behaviour and reinforce the bank’s unquestionable integrity and trust reposed by the largest banking family in Oman. ​​​