Green Sports

Passion is a word that rings true when associating the Omani people with football. As a result, Bank Muscat has succeeded in creating and implementing an annual programme that brings together different generations on one platform towards one goal, sports. The success of the programme echoes across the Sultanate with 183 teams belonging to Green Sports, with over than 50,000 beneficiaries.

Launched in 2012, the programme goes from strength to strength, engaging with stakeholders and affording the local youth an opportunity to develop their skills striving for an otherwise distant dream. The football fields also mark an important location in which the community as a whole come together for different activities ensuring a tight knit relationship between the different members.

Green Sports provides local football teams with support to choose from one of four options including, natural or artificial greening, desalination machines or floodlights. Requirements include that the team are able to ensure proper maintenance of the field, income statements and a proper team structure that includes board members and team members.

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