Financial Literacy:


Bank Muscat maintains leadership with 38 percent of the Omani market share, making it the number one expert on financial habits of customers. With this expertise on hand, an online platform on financial literacy is launched to provide Omanis the information they will require to plan for their education, marriage or retirement. The online platform can be accessed by visiting the Maliyat website at

Maliyat Academy

Is a program that aims at raising and enhancing the awareness of students from different schools across the Sultanate on financial affairs, as well as encouraging them to embark on saving practices that allow them to prepare for a financially planned-for future at an early stage. It is worth noting that a number of 10 thousand school students from different governorates are targeted to be trained at the Program every year. The Program consists of 5 key chapters of the Bank’s “Maliyat” academy program, each focusing on a different subject.

  • Chapter 1: Sound Decision-Taking
  • Chapter 2: Learn How to Gain Money
  • Chapter 3: Saving and Spending
  • Chapter 4: Grow Your Money
  • Chapter 5: Giving

Irshad Financial Clinic

Irshad is our Financial Coaching Clinic (FCC) which provides financial coaching and guidance to SMEs, startup companies, entrepreneurs, individuals with respect to managing their finances and future financial planning.

Al Wathbah Academy

In recognition of the important role played by the SME sector in the development of Oman, the Bank launched the Al Wathbah Academy in 2014 to train entrepreneurs and expanded to more locations across the Sultanate due to its popularity and success. 

In 2023, a number of 23 entrepreneurs graduated from the Advanced Al Wathbah Program, which provides an advanced entrepreneurial program to the top graduates of the previous batches of the Bank’s Al Wathbah SME Academy. The central theme of the advanced Al Wathbah Academy Program is to support SMEs to present their business in a structured format to potential investors, partners and employees. Every module of the Advanced Al Wathbah Academy.

Investment in Touri​sm:

In a bid to encourage diversification of the economy, the bank has committed to invest in local communities situated in areas with touristic landmarks. Bank Muscat seeks to create sustainable solutions towards creating income in otherwise rural societies.

Saving Energy:

Energy Efficient Branch (Meethaq):

A Meethaq Islamic Banking branch was recently inaugurated as the first commercial building in Oman to utilize alternative sources of energy.This pilot project is a sampling for more energy efficient initiatives to come and can be found in Al Khoudh.

Green Products:

As the first bank in the Sultanate to launch Green products, Bank Muscat has partnered with International Finance Corporation (IFC) to bring the Omani public appealing products suitable for the environment and their well-being. The Green products focus on providing the country with knowledge and awareness of the benefits of being energy efficient. Competitive interest rates will be offered to customers opting for energy efficient homes using alternative sources of energy.

Green Space:

In celebration of the 46th National Day, Bank Muscat announced the construction of a public park, in partnership with Muscat Municipality. Aimed at providing Omanis with a location for leisure, the park is set to be a community hub fostering a sense of belonging for the old and the young.

Staff Vouleentary Activities :

CSR-related initiatives play an integral role in Bank Muscat’s voluntary culture. Hence, all staff can participate in the voluntary activities organized by the Bank to serve charity purposes. During 2023, the Bank contributed to a number of charity teams across the Sultanate to provide Ramadan and Eid Baskets. In addition, the bank staff organized a visit to the Elderly Center in Al Rustaq and contributed some of the center’s needs. Furthermore, the Bank staff organized charity food festival and the proceeds were contributed to the Sultan Qaboos Comprehensive Center Cancer Care and Research Center.​​​​​​​

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