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Bank Muscat ties up with Tamani Trading & Entertainment as Grand Sponsor of Oman Aquarium

​MUSCAT, 23 April 2019 

Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in step with its vision ‘To serve you better, everyday’ and commitment to being at the forefront of powering the corporate sector through numerous initiatives, has signed an agreement with Tamani Trading & Entertainment, an Al Jarwani Group company, which is one of Oman’s leading development enterprises, to promote Oman Aquarium located at the Mall of Muscat complex. The Bank will be the Grand Sponsor of this landmark entrant to the retail and entertainment sector in Oman as well as its exclusive banking partner. 

The agreement was signed by Amjad Iqbal Al Lawati, AGM, Cards & eBanking, on behalf of Bank Muscat and by Salah bin Harith Al Jarwani, Finance Director, Al Jarwani Group on behalf of Tamani Trading & Entertainment. As part of the agreement and to facilitate banking convenience and security for the large turnout of visitors to the complex as well those residing in the Mabellah area, Bank Muscat has installed point of sale (POS) machines at Oman Aquarium and ATMs at the Mall of Muscat. Business solutions that have been provided by the bank also includes facilitating of payments through self-service kiosks, online and through mobile apps.

Offering numerous fun and entertainment activities for children and families, Mall of Muscat and in particular Oman Aquarium is all set to change the retail and entertainment sectors in the Sultanate. Salah Al Jarwani, Finance Director of Al Jarwani Group, commented: “We are really pleased about this strategic alliance with Bank Muscat, one of the top banks and financial institutions in the Sultanate, for this distinguished and new project in the Sultanate, which is Oman Aquarium. This world-class attraction will offer Bank Muscat unprecedented opportunities to utilise it as a platform to showcase its brand and to promote its products and services. Such brand association will contribute towards strengthening the brand’s position and awareness in the Sultanate. We look forward to working with Bank Muscat as the main sponsor of Oman Aquarium.”

This agreement will greatly help Bank Muscat reinforce its already strong branding in the minds of its customers and the general public even as it contributes to the continued expansion of the retail and entertainment sectors in the sultanate. Amjad Al Lawati, said: “Through this important partnership with the Al Jarwani Group, Bank Muscat continues to partner in the infrastructure development of the sultanate. The Mall of Muscat is yet another landmark in the retail and entertainment infrastructure of Oman. It will provide more choice in terms of shopping and entertainment options to people in Oman, particularly in the capital region. Very importantly, it will add many more jobs to the national economy and is all set to become a major driver for the retail sector in the Sultanate in the coming years.”

Amjad Al Lawati added: “Bank Muscat has been a pioneer in introducing digital banking solutions for its clients. Digital solutions are playing a bigger role in the development of the economy today covering a wide range of activities from marketing to supply chain to finance management. This shift to digital has immense benefits for corporates and the economy, notably efficiency, cost reduction, accountability, speed and scalability. As the flagship financial institution in the sultanate, the bank is in a position to address the complete transaction requirements of organisations of any size.”

The tie-up is yet another important milestone in the bank’s partnership with the private sector so as to contribute to the overall progress and development of the national economy. The Mall of Muscat, the Oman Aquarium and related developments bring further infrastructure and lifestyle development to the Mabellah area, which is currently one of the fastest developing areas in the Capital Area.