Retail enterprises: Najahi​

Grow your business with najahi specialized facilities and customized financing solutions without security.

1. Najahi current account​

  • Branded cheque book.
  • Debit card with daily withdrawal limit of OMR 1000
  • Any business firm

2. Najahi flexi loan and credit card

Credit facility for business clients, to meet their working capital, business expansion and other needs.

  • Flexibility & ease in getting finance.
  • Multi draw down credit facility.
  • First of its kind business credit card with a host of benefits.
  • Minimum of two years in business – active companies.
  • Minimum one year bank statement - biz cash flow/ receivables in bank account.
  • Positive record & no negative check – cheque returns/ caution list.

3. Najahi point of sale (POS) receivables financing

A specially designed short term loan facility against POS receivables.

  • Short tenor.
  • Daily small installment facility.
  • Simple documentation.
  • Active POS transactions of minimum one year.

4. Najahi contractor’s facility

Working capital facility against contracted jobs for business clients.

  • Contract facility repayment tenor up to maximum one year.
  • Bill discount facility repayment tenor up to maximum six months.
  • No security required.
  • Contract issued by bank muscat approved list companies.
  • Minimum one year bank statement.
  • Assignment of payments.


What are the features of najahi credit card?

Additional benefits offered on najahi business credit card are 0.5% cash back (Excluded government, quasi-government and exchange houses) on all purchases made through the card and lounge access at plaza premium lounge in muscat airport (for najahi plus card holders only).


Visit your nearest branch or contact our Corporate Service Desk for further details.​​​​​​​​

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