Children's Savings Account
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Welcome to Bank Muscat Children’s Savings Account​

Where we believe that empowering young minds with financial knowledge and fostering a culture of saving from an early age can lead to a brighter future. Bank Muscat’s children accounts are thoughtfully designed to introduce saving habits in children while ensuring a financially secure future. We are committed to helping your child embark on a rewarding path towards financial success. You can also benefit from the nation’s largest network of 151 branches, over 840 ATMs & CDMs and round-the-clock contact center facility.

Children’s Account​​​

Dedicated account for children below 13 years

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  • No minimum balance fees.
  • Life Insurance* Coverage​.
  • The guardian can view and use the child’s account using Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.
  • Cash Deposit Facility.
  • No fees on standing orders.
Frequently Asked Questio​ns

Floosi Account

Dedicated account for children between 13​-17 years

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  • No minimum balance fees.
  • Personalized debit card.
  • Life Insurance* Coverage.
  • Access to mBanking App.

Frequently Asked Questions

IconDocuments Required:

    • Child National ID Card or Birth Certificate or Passport
    • Guardian ID
    • Disclaimer: *If the mother is authorized to operate the account, the following documents must also be presented:
      • Filled [form] and the father's signature in the required field
      • Child National Birth Certificate is mandatory
      • C​hild’s National ID or Passport
      • Mother’s ID Card​

Note: Please make sure to upload both sides of the ID card copy.




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