ACCA Development Program Overview:

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and commitment to talent development and youth empowerment in the banking and financial sector, Bank Muscat in partnership with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) as part of their National Objective Program and in line with their contribution to provide vocational training with internationally recognized standards, has offered to provide 50 employment opportunities for bachelor’s degree holders in the fields of finance & accounting upon the successful completion of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Program.

About ACCA:

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), is a recognizable association worldwide as it provides professional accountancy skills to be practiced domestically or internationally.

ACCA endorses your accreditation to be applied in handling advanced accountancy as more than half a million of ACCA certified professionals can extend their resources in 170 nations.

Benefits of ACCA Qualification:

  • With an ACCA accreditation, your services can be extended to assorted financial or management fields and earn an attractive income
  • You can suffix your name with ACCA designation.
  • You are open to landing productive career opportunities.
  • ACCA gives you the opportunity to be active in designing organization strategies in the field of banking and to not only be limited to accountancy.
  • Provides knowledge of international accountancy and enables you to be promoted to senior management roles.
  • ACCA certification is equivalent to a full-time university degree.

How to apply ?

  • Application for this program has been closed as of 15 December 2018

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s Degree holder in Finance, Accounting, Economics, and Management from a reputed university with a minimum GPA 2.5
  • Job seeker and graduated in 2016, 2017 or 2018 only.
  • Good command of the English Language – 6.00 minimum score in IELTS.

Terms & Conditions

The following constitutes the terms and conditions to which, you, the applicant agree to when submitting to join Bank Muscat ACCA Certification program.
Bank Muscat reserves the right to review and update these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. All applicants must be registered with the Ministry of Manpower as a ‘Job Seeker’
  2. All applications must have the ambition, dedication and commitment to complete the program.
  3. All applicants must sign an undertaking with the sponsors to commit to the program for the 18 month training period without being employed in any organization.
  4. Scholarships cannot be postponed to a subsequent year.
  5. The sponsors will only issue one scholarship per applicant.
  6. All applicants must not have a direct relative (Father, Mother, Sister/Step sister, Brother/Step brother, Husband/Wife) currently working in Bank Muscat.
  7. All applicants must pass the Bank Muscat graduate (CRTB) test, clear the Bank Muscat behavioral interview and any other eligibility assessments as required.

Successful Applications:

  • Successful scholarship applicants will be contacted to undergo the interview phase of the process.
  • Failure to continue the program with no prior notice or official reason presented will have consequences detailed in the undertaking.
  • Applicants not wishing to take the offer must notify the bank in writing immediately, to afford other candidates an opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements:

    All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you will maintain an enrolled status within the program. Your scholarship may be terminated if your enrolment status changes, for example if you do not register for the exams within the given 18-month timeline for the program.

    To retain your scholarship you must also:

  • Adhere to the academic and administrative policies of the program.
  • Meet any additional criteria outlines in your letter of offer; and
  • Provide confirmation of your circumstances during the term of the scholarship if requested by the sponsors.

Scholarship Termination:

    The sponsors may terminate your scholarship if you have:

  • Inactive enrolment in the program or presence during the classroom sessions.
  • Failed to meet the scholarships terms and conditions.
  • Failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Have provided incorrect, false or misleading information or withheld relevant information on your scholarship application or after receiving a scholarship offer.

If your scholarship is terminated, you will no longer be eligible for the benefits associated with the program. You may be required to repay some or all of your scholarship.

Publicity and Promotion:

If you are offered a scholarship, your details including name, photograph, video and scholarship awarded may be passed on to media and used by the sponsors for promotional purposes, including but not limited to the website, social media channels, print and electronic media. If you do not wish for your details to be passed on to media or used for promotional purposes, you must notify the sponsors in writing.

If you attend events held by the sponsors, photos and videos of you at the event (along with your name and scholarship), may be used for promotional purposes by BM and / or PDO including but not limited to the website, social media channels, print and electronic media.

It is agreed that the use of these photographs and videos shall in no way be used in any other forum other than official Bank Muscat and PDO business. The scholarship recipient also waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product, the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied. If you do not wish for photographs and videos of you to be used in this way, you must notify the Bank Muscat in writing.

Keeping your contact details up to date:

  • It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to inform Bank Muscat of any changes to their email, postal or residential address.
  • Applicants wishing to update their information can do so by contacting ACCA[a]
  • Bank Muscat reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions for commencing and continuing scholarship holders.


  1. Will I get hired immediately in Bank Muscat upon completion of the ACCA program?
  2. All candidates must also pass the bank’s graduate (CRTB) test in order to be hired.

  3. What if I exceed the 18 months duration?
  4. Candidates not completing the program within the time period will still be employed as non-certified employees, as per the scheme. In the instance of the candidates wishing to pursue their ACCA educational path, they must revert to the Bank’s Jadara Academy and follow employee entitlements.

  5. Where will the course be held?
  6. Bank Muscat Premises

  7. What positions will the bank offer?
  8. ACCA candidates are eligible to be hired in all departments in the bank

  9. Will candidates receive a salary during the training period?
  10. Upon being accepted into the Program, Bank Muscat will pay the trainees a monthly fee of OMR 300 during the eighteen months of study

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