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Bank Muscat embarks on future banking with first electronic branch in Oman

MUSCAT, 13 September 2015 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in step with its 'Let's Do More' vision and innovation reflecting technological trends in future banking, has launched Oman's first electronic branch in the banking sector. Unleashing an innovative concept, the eBranch located at Oman Avenues Mall elevates the banking experience to new levels of convenience and delight.

The well-appointed eBranch creates a unique banking environment within a world of privacy. The exclusive facilities include a self-service zone for both retail and corporate customers to execute day-to-day banking transactions. The eBranch, which is open from 9 am to 10 pm, helps customers to visit the branch at their convenience and complete the banking requirements at their own pace.

Tariq Atiq, AGM – Cards & eBanking, said: “As the flagship bank in Oman, and in keeping with the technological trends, Bank Muscat is proud to introduce the eBranch which widens the bank's reach, especially to the country's youth with a host of services which spell convenience. Driven by innovation and the latest technological trends, the eBranch presents a unique facility from Bank Muscat that helps both retail and corporate customers bank at convenience."

Majority of services at the eBranch is availed by self-service. Welcoming to all ages and customer segments, the eBranch also has employees present to provide assistance to those not fully conversant with the electronic banking environment. The bank employees do not handle cash, instead machines do.

The eBranch has many firsts in the market, including cash deposit machines for corporates. The innovative branch is not all about banking as a lifestyle zone allows customers to relax and enjoy their time. The spacious and modern facility also has a social corner where customers can interact on social media channels. A video calling facility to speak face-to-face with Call Centre employees, customer appointment booking and feedback kiosk are also available at the branch.

The eBranch facilitates a host of self-service banking transactions, including fund transfers between own accounts, to third party accounts in Bank Muscat, to other bank accounts in Oman, international transfers and speed transfer to India.

Customers can also utilise the eBranch facility for online bill payment covering utility services such as electricity, water, mobile, landline, internet, school fees and Bank Muscat credit cards. They can also use the facility for blocking of debit or credit cards, and mobile top-up for Ooredoo and Omantel service.

Atiq added: “The eBranch complements the government's efforts in creating a digital society, reiterating the bank's commitment to providing electronic services which spell convenience to customers. The electronic workflow system is aimed at improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. In Oman, the tech-savvy youth are increasingly adapting to mobile and online banking and the eBranch serves as an extension of the virtual banking facility. The bank lays emphasis on competitive channels and new products to enhance service, in tune with the banking requirements of a young and tech-savvy generation. A keen perception of customer requirements enable Bank Muscat to develop products in line with the current and emerging needs."