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Countdown begins for al Mazyona RO 1 million year-end grand prizes

​MUSCAT, 07 December 2016 – Countdown has begun for the climax of 2016 al Mazyona savings scheme as Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, is all set to reward al Mazyona customers with the biggest RO 1 million prizes in the year-end draw. Aimed at further strengthening the savings culture in Oman, momentum has started building up for the grand al Mazyona year-end bonanza.

The 2016 al Mazyona savings scheme offering a total prize money of RO 10 million has been rewarding and fulfilling the dreams of customers with high value prizes throughout the year, ranging from RO 1,000 a week to RO 10,000 a month and RO 100,000 every quarter besides special draws coinciding with festivals and national celebrations.

Springing the biggest surprise, the focus of al Mazyona now shifts to the grand year-end prize of RO 1 million to be shared by two customers, including one asalah Priority Banking customer, who will receive RO 500,000 each.

By maintaining a minimum balance of RO 1,000, customers are eligible to win the RO 1 million grand prizes to be shared by two customers at the end of the year. For every RO 100 balance, customers get 1 chance to win – so with RO 1000, they get 10 chances to win. The more the saving, the better the chances to win.

al Mazyona, the Sultanate's flagship savings scheme, has been successful in its objective of inculcating a strong savings culture in Oman with the series of big prizes offering fair and transparent winning chances for all segments of customers across the Sultanate. al Mazyona reaffirms the bank's vision and constant efforts to fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of the largest banking family in Oman with attractive weekly, monthly, quarterly, special and year-end prizes.

The upcoming monthly prize draw of al Mazyona Savings Scheme will be celebrated in the historical setting of Ibri Fort on Wednesday 14 December in which customers will receive high value prizes ranging from RO 10,000 to RO 50,000. The monthly draw is a day of high rewards for Premier banking clients as two prizes of RO 50,000 each have been earmarked for asalah Priority banking customers and two prizes of RO 25,000 each for al Jawhar Privilege banking customers. The monthly draw will also reward 28 customers covering all the regions who will receive RO 10,000 each.

All through the 24-year journey of al Mazyona, the core focus has been to encourage customers to sustain a strong savings culture and be rewarded with the biggest aspirational prizes. The 2016 al Mazyona scheme now offers customers a golden opportunity to save more and earn more chances to win the thumping RO 1 million prizes on offer.

At a time when savings are most critical to ensure a secure future for individuals and families, al Mazyona plays an anchor role to encourage financial discipline. The objective of al Mazyona is to create a savings habit that makes a lasting difference in the well-being of families.

al Mazyona offers the biggest prize money in the savings scheme history in Oman. Bank Muscat understands customer expectations and during the past 24 years, the flagship savings scheme has rewarded numerous customers and enriched their lives. The scheme is targeted to accommodate all segments, including ladies, youth, children and high saving customers, thereby strengthening prudent savings habit among citizens who will be responsible for the future development of Oman.

al Mazyona continues to reflect innovative customer segmentation based on two principles - region and demographics – ensuring higher winning chances to all customers across the Sultanate.

al Mazyona is the only savings scheme to recognise and reward loyalty for customers based on their association with the bank. For example, if a customer has been saving for 5 years, his chances of winning get multiplied by five times and similarly if he has been maintaining al Mazyona savings account for 20 years, his chances get multiplied 20 times and so on. This benefit is unique only to al Mazyona savings scheme holders and no other bank offers this loyalty reward.