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BankMuscat visionaries to instill ‘We can do more’ vision as corporate culture

MUSCAT, 13 May 2012 – BankMuscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, recently inducted the Bank’s Visionaries entrusted with the task of inculcating the new ‘We Can Do More’ vision internally and externally, thereby achieving the Bank's goals and objectives.

Various initiatives will be launched to take forward and reinforce the vision as the Bank’s culture. The visionaries will be responsible for cultivating the ‘We Can Do More’ vision within the Bank and extend it to the rest of the Bank's family. The vision will be instilled as a culture both internally and externally among staff, customers, society and the country.

The vision also referred as ‘V12’ reiterates the Bank’s dynamic strategy for the future. The BankMuscat vision statement is:


 “We Can Do More"

 Leadership means challenging everything we do, continuously. To listen, to improve and to look for positive change. Because, only through questioning convention, can we truly deliver sustainable value.”

The ‘We can do more’ vision reiterates a leadership which continuously challenges everything, from listening to improving and looking for positive change as the Bank believes that only through questioning convention can it truly deliver sustainable value. The new vision will be achieved by creating, sustaining and delivering real and undiminishing value in customer service through BankMuscat’s key element - its competent people.

The year 2012 marks a momentous occasion as BankMuscat celebrates 30 years of successful growth. During the past 30 years, BankMuscat has achieved steady and significant growth in various disciplines to emerge as the leading financial institution in Oman with 42 per cent market share. The dynamic vision reflects the readiness to face future challenges and sums up the Bank’s confidence and determination to stretch the boundaries in banking excellence.

The V12 vision is a powerful and ideal balance between the contributions of a loyal, productive workforce, and customer-service focused solutions for all partners. The main features of the new vision reflect the essence of Omani values in the Bank’s services, continuously measuring and delivering value for all stakeholders. The core focus of the vision is to stretch further the standards in customer service.

The Bank has adopted an aggressive strategy to manifest the new vision, including open communication with customers and sharing information with key stakeholder groups. Customer service will be the unique positioning platform for all communications linked to the new vision, reiterating the Bank’s determination to move much further ahead. For BankMuscat, distinguished customer service has always been and remains paramount as customer-centric strategies will continue to drive the talented and experienced people.

The Bank’s vision underscores the ability to perceive where it is headed to and skillfully navigate on this road. Hence, the Bank has charted the roadmap for the future which promotes positivity and calls for action and participation from everyone to achieve the Bank's goals and objectives. The vision is aimed at inspiring higher achievement so that the Bank does and gives more in all aspects.