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DRIVE SAFELY campaign launched by Bank Muscat

MUSCAT, 09 March 2015 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, as part of its commitment to road safety in the Sultanate has launched a series of initiatives to inculcate responsible driving behavior by motorists. The 'value life, drive safely' campaign initiatives coinciding with the GCC Traffic Week include four video clips which powerfully communicate four aspects responsible for majority of accidents - speeding, fatigue, driving distraction and negligence of wearing seat belt. Beginning this week, one video highlighting the major causes of road accidents will be posted on the bank's social media channels, building up the campaign aimed at creating a safe driving environment in Oman. 

The 'value life, drive safely' campaign is a natural progression of the health and safety measures adopted by the bank. The bank considers human capital as the most valued asset and any loss or disruptions caused by accidents lead to major setbacks for the affected persons. As ambassadors for health and safety in the banking community in Oman, the bank remains committed to proactive measures to maintain a safe environment for all on Oman roads.

The campaign focuses on the four major aspects linked to road accidents - speeding, fatigue, driving distraction and negligence of wearing seat belt. The bank will organise programmes in all regions to engage employees and customers in road safety awareness. Defensive driving training programmes will also be arranged for employees to motivate them to follow safe driving practices. The campaign will highlight the tragic consequences of negligent driving.

Bank Muscat, as part of HSE initiatives, is the first to create a safety management system in the banking sector in Oman. In line with the Royal directive of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to enhance road safety and reduce traffic accidents, Bank Muscat has launched various initiatives to spread traffic safety awareness among employees and other stakeholders.

The bank vehicles are monitored under the in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) aimed at ensuring safety and avoiding accidents, thereby contributing to efficient use of fuel and corresponding reduction in carbon footprint.

Bank Muscat remains committed to road safety in partnership with the government and the ROP, aimed at educating people, especially employees, to make safer choices when using the roads.