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Bank Muscat set to spring 2014 al Mazyona surprise

MUSCAT, 4 January 2014 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, is all set to spring a major surprise on the 2014 al Mazyona savings scheme. In keeping with the trend maintained in the previous years of fulfilling the dreams of numerous customers across the Sultanate, al Mazyona will soon announce the new scheme.

Over the years, al Mazyona, the Sultanate’s flagship savings scheme, has reinforced its reach and appeal, consistently increasing the prize money. In 2012, al Mazyona customers received RO 6 million in prize money, which was increased to over RO 7 million in 2013.

Building on its credentials in offering the biggest prize money in Oman and the region as well as guaranteed prizes to winners in all governorates, the bank follows a unique segmented approach ensuring exclusive prizes for ladies, children, youth and high saving customers.

Meanwhile, excitement is building up on the RO 1 million al Mazyona grand prize of the 2013 scheme. Customers who maintained a minimum balance of RO 1000 for the last quarter of 2013 are eligible for the grand prize draw, which will be shared by 10 customers covering all the governorates, including one Priority Banking customer, who will receive RO 100,000 each.

Bank Muscat understands customer expectations and al Mazyona represents innovative customer segmentation based on two principles - region and demographics – ensuring higher winning chances to all customers across the Sultanate, including ladies, youth and children. Winning with al Mazyona has never been simpler as customers are not required to block their money for long or wait for a long time to win the big prize. The bank attaches great importance to inculcating prudent savings and spending habits and has tailored al Mazyona scheme with this objective in mind.

An added attraction is that the winning chances get multiplied by the number of years customers are associated with al Mazyona savings scheme. For example, if a customer has been saving for 5 years, his chances of winning get multiplied by 5 times and similarly if he has been maintaining al Mazyona savings account for 20 years, his chances get multiplied 20 times and so on. This benefit is unique only to al Mazyona savings scheme and no other bank offers this, as on date. This provides high savers with the best chance to win the year-end RO 1 million prizes.

Over the years, al Mazyona has succeeded in inculcating a strong savings culture in Oman. The flexible scheme makes regular saving easier and is available across the largest network of 138 branches in Oman.