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Bank Muscat to host 4-day ‘Oman at Work’ event by Ithraa

MUSCAT, 2 September 2015 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider  in the Sultanate, as part of its commitment to support youth, who represent the future of Oman, is hosting 'Oman at Work' evenings organised by Ithraa. 'Oman at Work' is a series of four events comprising dialogue and panel discussions aimed at helping better understand the challenges and opportunities of the future work environment and the fundamental impact this will have on how Oman attracts, nurtures, retains and motivates a talented workforce.

The 'Oman at Work' series opens on Monday 7 September with a panel discussion on 'The World of Work: A New Dynamic', followed by 'Millennials: A Different Work Perspective' on Tuesday 8 September. The third event will be held on Monday 14 September on 'Vocational Training: Changing Perceptions' and the concluding session on Wednesday 16 September on the theme 'STEM: Jobs of the Future'. All the four events will be held at Bank Muscat head office from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Reckoned the 'best place to work in Oman', Bank Muscat has achieved qualitative advance in the human resources sector as it attracts the best Omani cadres for employment at all levels. Bank Muscat is focused on developing its leadership pool from among the young Omanis and thereby contribute to Oman's future by investing in talent which is the real wealth of the nation.

Over the years, Bank Muscat has adopted innovative strategies to equip Omani employees to take up leadership positions in tandem with future challenges. The bank has developed a comprehensive Learning & Development strategy for skill and knowledge enhancement vis-à-vis the requirement of various departments. The bank's women empowerment strategy is also notable as 42 per cent of employees are women holding various positions, including senior management positions.