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Bank Muscat Tadhamun support reaches beneficiary homes in Dahirah and Buraimi

MUSCAT,10 July 2016 – Bank Muscat's Tadhamun corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative coinciding with the Holy Month of Ramadhan reached beneficiary homes in the governorate of Dahirah. Reiterating the bank's dynamic 'Let's Do More' vision and values of accountability and partnership, the Tadhamun convoy of vehicles carrying the bank's employees and volunteers distributed basic electronic home appliances to beneficiary families identified by the Ministry of Social Development. The distributions will be carried out across Oman through the Holy month along with Eidiyah provided to beneficiary families as a gift from the bank's employees.

Bank Muscat has lined up a series of programmes under the banner of 'Ramadhan Al Kheir' to benefit different segments of society during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. In the third leg of the Tadhamun programme, basic electronic home appliances and Eid gift were distributed to beneficiary homes in the wilayats of Yanqul, Buraimi, Ibri and Dhank in the governorate of Dahirah, providing them with an opportunity for a better quality of life. The objective of the CSR initiative is to address the requirements of beneficiary homes which do not have basic home appliances.

The Tadhamun initiative is a fine example of the public-private partnership launched by the bank in association with the Ministry of Social Development to strengthen the hands of beneficiaries. Through the Tadhamun programme, the bank seeks to reiterate its dynamic vision, striving to reach out to different segments and 'doing more' for society as a whole. Committed to sustainable development, the bank utilises every opportunity to reiterate partnership in building the nation by creating opportunities for individuals and communities to grow and prosper. The bank works closely with local communities with the aim of improving living standards in a manner that complements the national economy.

Bank Muscat is a pioneer of CSR activities in the banking sector in Oman. Over the years the bank has implemented several initiatives benefiting various segments of society. The Tadhamun programme underscores the bank's commitment to complement the government's efforts in social responsibility and thereby strengthen the hands of low-income segments across Oman. Reflecting the corporate ethos, the bank seizes every available opportunity to channel resources for creating sustainable, positive changes in communities by investing in their welfare to equip them for a better life.