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​Bank Muscat’s new ‘Just Tap’ prepaid card is the perfect companion for your holiday travel and shopping

MUSCAT, 01 July 2019 

Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in line with its vision ‘To serve you better, everyday’ and commitment to secure banking, has invited all its customers to experience the convenience and security of its new ‘Just Tap’ prepaid card. Launched earlier this year, the feature-rich prepaid card has been very well accepted among Bank Muscat customers. The new contactless version adds further convenience to the already popular card and is the perfect companion for everybody’s holiday travel and shopping needs.

The ‘Just Tap’ prepaid card can be loaded with the amount preferred by customers, as many times as needed, and is designed for everyday use, enhancing convenience and security. Customers are required to maintain an account with Bank Muscat to acquire the ‘Just Tap’ prepaid card, which can be used both in Oman and abroad. Customers can walk into any Bank Muscat branch and instantly obtain up to 3 cards with a total paid-up limit of RO 2,000. The ‘Just Tap’ prepaid card can be reloaded through the bank’s digital channels of mobile banking and internet banking as well as through branches.

To facilitate added convenience, cardholders will be able to complete their low-value point-of-sale (POS) transactions with a simple tap of a ‘Just Tap’ enabled POS terminal without the need to enter their personal identification number (PIN) for transactions up to RO 20. Customers will be able to conduct multiple transactions totaling up to RO60 every day using the ‘Just Tap’ feature. A maximum of 10 contactless transactions can be done in a single day, after which customers will be prompted to enter their PIN to transact further. All online transactions (and offline transactions above RO 20) are authorised using a PIN, thereby enabling an ideal mix of convenience and security for customers.

The new contactless Bank Muscat ‘Just Tap’ prepaid card allows customers to be in total control of everyday spending. All payments are made against funds available on the card and the available balance can be electronically checked through mBanking and Internet banking channels. In Oman and other parts of the GCC region, customers can also check the available balance on their prepaid card through Bank Muscat ATMs or any other ATM which has an OmanNet / GCC Switch logo.

Since it can be used to make payments and also withdraw cash from ATMs, the prepaid card is a safe and convenient option for households employing domestic helpers and drivers. Those using the prepaid card for regular household expenses will find it easy to track their expenses and always stay within budget. The card can also be given to children in lieu of their pocket money by parents who can track their spending easily.

Unlike losing cash, cardholders can report loss of the prepaid card to the Bank’s Call Centre on 24795555 and block the card immediately. So Bank Muscat prepaid cardholders can step out in confidence and not worry about carrying cash with them.