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Bank Muscat set to make Dhofar camel racing festival memorable

​MUSCAT, 31 March 2013 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, as part of its commitment to promoting the heritage and culture of Oman, has announced lead support for the annual Dhofar camel racing festival to be held from 2 to 9 April in Thumrait.

Established on the directive of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the festival reflects His Majesty's focus on the preservation of Omani heritage and his care for the country's camel wealth.

The event has attracted strong participation of thoroughbred camels from around the Sultanate. Camels are an important element of the desert life in Oman, representing a deeply appreciated and highly valued tradition. Omani thoroughbred are reckoned the finest racing camels in the region.

Yasir Salim Tabook, Regional Manager – Dhofar, said: “As the nation celebrates its traditions, heritage and culture, Bank Muscat joins in making the festivities memorable. True to its commitment to supporting varied cultural, heritage and sporting activities in the country, Bank Muscat remains at the forefront in offering the required encouragement and support to major national initiatives."

Tabook added: “Bank Muscat is proud to complement the government efforts in promoting and preserving the country's heritage and culture. The camel wealth is of economic and social importance and we are happy that the festival will help familiarise people, especially the younger generation, on the country's rich heritage and traditions."

Amidst the country's modernization, the heritage and culture of Oman remain a major attraction for tourists visiting the country. Traditional sporting activities like camel racing, which reflect the deep-rooted Omani heritage, are major tourist attractions, offering an opportunity for visitors to experience the country's vibrant heritage and culture.