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Bank Muscat al Mazyona gains momentum with high value prizes for Premier banking clients

​MUSCAT, 23 May 2016 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, as part of its customer-centric strategy offers a distinct Premier banking experience characterised by global banking solutions, exclusive benefits and rewards. Elevating Premier banking service to unparalleled heights, the bank focuses on enriching customer experience with special banking facilities and services that meet their personalised needs, aspirations and goals.

Notable among the exclusive rewards and benefits lined up for Premier banking customers are the high value al Mazyona monthly, quarterly and year-end prizes. The bank understands customer expectations as al Mazyona 2016 scheme offering RO 10 million in prize money is an incredible incentive for maintaining a healthy savings habit.

Premier customers of the bank - Private, asalah Priority and al Jawhar Privilege banking – are eligible to participate in all al Mazyona prize draws. The exclusive prizes earmarked for asalah Priority banking customers include two monthly prizes of RO 50,000 each, two quarterly prizes of RO 250,000 each and the year-end jackpot prize of RO 500,000 for one customer. The bank also offers special prizes to al Jawhar Privilege Banking customers, including two monthly prizes of RO 25,000 each and two quarterly prizes of RO 50,000 each. To date, the fabulous high value prizes offered to Premier banking clients are leaps and bounds above any similar schemes in Oman and the region. The upcoming al Mazyona monthly prize draw will be held in Sur on 25 May.

The Sultanate's flagship saving s scheme, al Mazyona, has gained momentum with the series of 2016 prize draws guaranteeing bigger and better winning chances for customers across the Sultanate. The bank recently celebrated the first quarterly prize draw of al Mazyona savings scheme this year in which six customers covering all regions, including two from asalah Priority Banking and two from al Jawhar Privilege Banking, won high value prizes totaling RO 800,000.

Abdulnasir Al Raisi, DGM – Premier Banking, said: “Against the backdrop of the prevailing economic conditions, al Mazyona sustains and encourages a strong savings culture in Oman. The exciting scheme, which reflects the dreams and aspirations of citizens and residents, has a positive impact on the people and the nation. Marking a long-standing and strong relationship with clients, the Premier banking strategy is a step into the future banking in Oman, reflecting the bank's commitment to expand innovative services to clients and remain the nation's bank of first choice."

Supporting customers to meet financial aspirations during the past 24 years, al Mazyona reaches out with exciting rewards at an unbeatable frequency. Reckoned the savings scheme for the nation, al Mazyona has made dreams of innumerable customers come true. The bank attaches great importance to inculcating prudent savings and spending habits and has tailored al Mazyona scheme with this objective in mind.

Al Raisi added: “Reflecting the customer-centric vision of the bank, Premier banking is focused on providing personalised service catering to the complex financial needs of clients. With a bouquet of exclusive offerings, the rewarding al Mazyona experience distinguishes Premier banking clients from competitors." 

al Mazyona savings scheme guaranteeing more for everyone to share is the biggest prize money in Oman and the region with regular prizes ranging from RO 1,000 a week to RO 10,000 a month and RO 100,000 every quarter, in addition to special and year-end prizes.  The prize money will be shared by more winners as customers from all regions are guaranteed to win.

Adding excitement to festivals and national celebrations, the 2016 savings scheme also rewards customers with special prizes, besides aspirational prizes of RO 1 million to be shared by two customers at the end of year.

A special prize draw offering RO 10,000 each for winners from 14 regions will be held in celebration of Eid Al Fitr in July. An exclusive draw for Zeinah women customers coinciding with Omani Women's Day is another highlight in which 10 customers will be rewarded with RO 10,000 each. On the occasion of the National Day, a special draw will be held offering RO 10,000 each for 10 winners.

The eligibility for al Mazyona prize draws is to maintain a minimum balance of RO 100 which entitles customers to win RO 1,000 every week. By maintaining a minimum balance of RO 1,000, customers are eligible to win the RO 10,000 monthly prize, RO 100,000 quarterly prize and the grand prize of RO 500,000 at the end of the year. For every RO 100 balance, customers get 1 chance to win – so with RO 1000, they get 10 chances to win. The more the saving, the better the chances to win. 

al Mazyona continues to be the only savings scheme to recognise and reward loyalty for customers based on their association with the bank. For example, if a customer has been saving for 5 years, his chances of winning get multiplied by 5 times and similarly if he has been maintaining al Mazyona savings account for 20 years, his chances get multiplied 20 times and so on. This benefit is unique only to al Mazyona savings scheme holders and no other bank offers this loyalty reward.

The double-your-salary scheme is another attraction of 2016 al Mazyona savings scheme which entitles customers maintaining a salary account with the bank to win a free bonus salary every month. In all, there will be 30 winners every month who will gain a bonus salary with al Mazyona savings account.