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Bank Muscat Twitter account sets benchmark for proactive customer service

MUSCAT, 1 August 2016 - The first dedicated social media account in the banking sector in Oman for customer service, launched by Bank Muscat has evoked strong response addressing customer requirements within the fastest possible response time. In step with its innovative customer-centric strategy, the interactive customer care Twitter account @bankmuscatcare reflects the latest trends in banking and facilitates real time communication with customers.

Dedicated to responding to customer inquiries and feedback, the unique customer care account is managed by the bank's Customer Experience Department. The team addresses customer queries and comments every day between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. The bank also utilises the social media account to engage customers through surveys, questionnaires and awareness campaigns on the bank's products, services and activities.

Committed to top-notch customer service, Bank Muscat accords priority for building key relationship with customers. Aimed at enhancing customer experience, especially with the tech-savvy youth, the new facility is in response to the high demand for customer service via social media as many customers prefer to interact on social media as a main channel of communication.

Ensuring privacy, Bank Muscat customers are not required to share any personal information while interacting on the customer care account and will be only asked for specific information such as name and customer ID through direct messages.

Bank Muscat offers seamless customer interaction through a variety of channels, including website, email, Call Centre and internet banking. Enquiries and feedback are channeled through a Feedback Management System (FMS) for appropriate action by relevant departments and branches. The Customer Experience department follows up on all issues and communicates the responses to customers.  

Strengthening customer relations, Bank Muscat regularly organises focus group meetings with customers in all parts of the Sultanate. A cross-section of customers is invited to such meetings and encouraged to speak their mind wherein genuine customer feedback is obtained on the bank's products and services.

To benchmark customer service in Oman, Bank Muscat has engaged a Cyprus-based consultancy firm to do 'mystery shopping'. As part of this regular exercise, mystery shoppers visit Bank Muscat branches and also competitor banks. This helps to evaluate the customer care standards maintained by the bank.

The bank's state-of-the-art Call Centre offering integrated voice response (IVR) facility allows customers to avail a host of services. The Call Centre operations reflect the bank's commitment to excellence in providing innovative banking service. A keen perception of customer requirements enable the bank to develop innovative products and services in line with the current and emerging needs.

Bank Muscat is the first bank in Oman to be certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 standards. Driven by the dynamic 'Let's Do More' vision, the bank pursues a strategic customer care programme to ensure it is always available to listen and more importantly respond to customer suggestions and feedback in a proactive way. The bank recognises that the essence of good customer service is maintaining a relationship that individual customers are happy to pursue.