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Al Mazyona spell continues as monthly prize winners feted

MUSCAT, 3 September 2012 – Twenty-one years on, Oman’s popular al Mazyona Savings Scheme from bank muscat continues to cast its spell, winning the hearts of citizens and residents across the Sultanate.

The bank recently hosted the monthly prize draw to pick nine winners who received RO 30,000 each. A ceremony was held to felicitate the winner from Wadi Kabir 33 branch representing the South Capital area. Sadiq Mohammed Baqer, Regional Manager – South Capital, and Rasheed Somali, Branch Manager - Wadi Kabir 33, attended the ceremony. Similar prize distribution ceremonies were also held to felicitate winners covering all parts of the Sultanate.

A high point in the calendar of big prizes from bank muscat, al Mazyona offers one of the biggest prize money in the savings scheme history in Oman, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and grand prizes. This year, bank muscat sprung a big surprise, taking the total prize money of al Mazyona Savings Scheme to a whopping RO 6 million with unparalleled winning chances for all segments across the Sultanate.

al Mazyona is one of the earliest savings schemes to be launched in the Sultanate. Over the years, the scheme has provided customers a means of meeting their financial aspirations and improving their lives.

Notably, the 2012 al Mazyona stands out as 'My scheme' for all individual segments as attractive prizes are earmarked for ladies, children, salaried employees and high savings balance customers in all regions. As on date, the scheme offers the biggest prize money in Oman and the region.

al Mazyona 2012 scheme reflects innovative customer segmentation based on two principles - region and demographics – ensuring a higher winning chance to all customers across the Sultanate, including ladies, children and salaried employees. Winning with al Mazyona has never been simpler as customers are not required to block their money for long or wait for a long time to win the big prize.

 The weekly prizes include RO 3000 each for 10 guaranteed winners from the governorates, including one lady customer holding Zeinah savings account. Customers are required to maintain RO 100 minimum balance for the weekly prize. The exciting monthly prize offers RO 30,000 each for nine winners covering the governorates. For eligibility, customers are required to maintain RO 1,000 minimum balance for one month.

The quarterly prize significantly raises the appeal of al Mazyona, particularly for high savers. The RO 300,000 big prize is given away every three months. For eligibility, customers are required to maintain RO 1,000 minimum balance for three months. For every RO 1000 balance maintained by them, they get 10 chances each.

Ahmed bin Salem bin Nasser al Alawi from Al Kamil branch in Sharqiyah governorate won the first quarterly prize of RO 300,000. Thirty-one year-old Ahmed bin Salem bin Nasser al Alawi is working at Sur Hospital. He benefited from the 'loyalty bonus' and his chances got multiplied, thereby giving him a big chance to win the RO 300,000 prize.

Amor bin Mohammed Salmin al Harthy from Samad Al Shan branch in North Sharqiyah governorate won the second quarterly prize of RO 300,000. Al Harthy, who worked as a security guard with the Ministry of Education, has also been banking with bank muscat for many years and benefited from the loyalty bonus and got his chances multiplied, thereby giving him a big chance to win the RO 300,000 prize.

Countdown for the climax of al Mazyona savings scheme has begun with the grand draw for RO 1 million scheduled for the year-end. For eligibility, customers are required to maintain RO 1,000 minimum balance for all months. This prize is earmarked for customers who consistently maintain a healthy savings of at least RO 1000 every month.

The life-changer al Mazyona experience affirms the bank's vision and constant efforts to fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of the largest banking family in Oman. bank muscat is proud to take the popular savings scheme deeper to the hearts of people and link it to issues benefitting society, encouraging prudent savings and spending habits.

Innovation has long been the buzzword in bank muscat and the bank attaches great importance to inculcating prudent savings and spending habits and has tailored al Mazyona scheme with this objective in mind. The scheme constantly evolves based on focused market research and innovative methods in reaching out to customers.

A continuing attraction is that the winning chances get multiplied by the number of years customers are associated with al Mazyona savings scheme. This benefit is unique to al Mazyona savings scheme holders.

al Mazyona extends a bouquet of exclusive offerings and its strategy is simple and consistent. The customer-focused scheme offers maximum winning chances for all. With distinct appeal to different customer segments, the chances are proportionate to savings. Loyal customers enjoy additional chances to win as the bank ensures continuous value addition beyond prizes.