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Bank Muscat takes the lead in supporting Salalah chess championship

MUSCAT, 8 August 2015 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, as part of its commitment to promoting sports and games, extended lead support to Salalah International Chess Championship hosted by Oman Chess Committee.

As the nation's leading financial institution, Bank Muscat aims to strongly convey the message of support to varied sporting activities so as to encourage a healthy lifestyle covering both body and mind and provide the required impetus for the country to excel in sports and games. The bank seeks to motivate others to follow suit and provide the required support vital for developing a sporting nation.

The rapid chess tournament held from 3 to 6 August as part of Salalah Festival attracted over 80 participants, including enthusiasts from the neighboring Gulf countries. Supported by the Ministry of Sports Affairs, the tournament came within the framework of OCC's efforts to promote the game of chess in the Sultanate. The Salalah event was recognised by FIDE, the world body of chess.

Bank Muscat attaches great importance to initiatives aimed at contributing to the country's progress and development in all arenas, including sports and games. The bank has adopted a series of measures to support sporting activities and develop the potential of youth. Notable among the bank's support to sports activities is the Green Sports CSR initiative, which is an ongoing project aimed at developing a sporting nation and supporting Oman's youth who represent the future of Oman.

The partnership with Salalah Festival is an earnest attempt by Bank Muscat to propagate the core family values held dear by Omanis. As main sponsor of the annual festival, Bank Muscat aims to unite citizens, residents and visitors in sharing the good times and discovering the joy of being connected. The bank seeks to serve as a focal point in the preservation of Oman's rich heritage and culture, encouraging people to maintain a strong link to the glorious legacy, thereby reinforcing the Sultanate's distinct cultural character.