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BankMuscat conducts fire evacuation drill at head office

MUSCAT, 11 January 2012 - BankMuscat, the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate, as part of its Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) exercise, successfully conducted a fire evacuation drill in co-operation with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) units of Civil Defence, Fire Brigade and Ambulance services. The exercise required the evacuation of over 1400 people, which was achieved in under-5 minutes, recognised as one of the largest fire evacuation drills in the Sultanate.

Significant coordination and preparation efforts were made to ensure the exercise was a success and there was no impact to the Bank's services to customers. The drill caused no disruption to the Bank branch and ATM/CDMs at the Head Office, which all operated normally. The Head Office evacuation lasted 30 minutes before the staff returned to their desks to commence work.

Said Al Badai, Chairman of the BCP Committee, said: “Safety of our customers, employees and suppliers has always been a priority for BankMuscat. Such drills help prepare people to face unforeseen eventualities. The exercise included employees, customers and vendor staff operating at the Head Office in Seeb. The Bank has conducted similar exercises in the past when it was operating out of different buildings, but this was the first integrated drill at the new head office. We are happy the drill went off well demonstrating the fire evacuation preparedness of the Bank."

Packed with intelligent design and practical in all aspects, the Bank's purpose-built headquarters incorporates the latest technology and trends, meeting the key requisites in terms of functionality, security and BCP requirements.

The BCP looks at ways and means to equip the Bank deal with a variety of crises that may come its way, both from economic and natural reasons, providing the right set of tools and response mechanisms, as also identifying key procedures that will help protect the organisation during a crisis, reduce downtime and provide minimal disruptions in the normal delivery of products and services. The BCP process involves continuous review and upgrading to keep pace with the dynamic and ever changing business environment that the Bank operates in.