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BankMuscat's Manafea e-magazine offers shopping extravagance

MUSCAT, 26 March 2012 – The 2nd edition of Manafea e-magazine offering a virtual world of shopping extravagance has been launched by the Cards and e-Banking department of BankMuscat. The special issue celebrates the Mother's Day, highlighting the Zeinah suite of products for women.

The e-magazine brings together hundreds of merchants in every category - restaurants, clinics, jewellery, electronics etc, offering special deals and attractive discount to BankMuscat cardholders.

Tariq Atiq, Asst. GM – Cards and e-Banking, said: “Targeted at over 1.4 million BankMuscat cardholders, Manafea is unprecedented in its scope, reinforcing the benefits of convenience and security electronic payments provide for cardholders in Oman. The e-magazine is aimed at raising awareness and promoting the e-Payment culture in Oman by making payments by cards both a habit and preference. The underlying message of Manafea is that payment by cards is both convenient and secure."

Conceived as a family e-magazine, the excitement of browsing Manafea centres on attractive promotional campaigns by merchants and brands providing special value offers and discounts, available for BankMuscat cardholders only. Customers are eligible to avail these offers using BankMuscat debit/credit cards.

Manafea will be released every 2 months consisting of advertisements and advertorials highlighting offers from leading merchants exclusive for BankMuscat cardholders only; information on BankMuscat cards and bank related news and general awareness on e-payments and credit cards. The magazine can be accessed on www.manafea.co

Tariq Atiq added: “Manafea will be used as a means of educating BankMuscat cardholders about the benefits of electronic payments, new electronic payment methods, card fraud reduction mechanisms etc. This is a long-term investment being done by the Bank to increase awareness about cards and gradually convert cardholders from using cash to using an electronic payment method as a matter of choice and habit. The e-magazine is yet another example of the Bank's commitment to delivering rewards for loyal customers."