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Dr. Mahathir to address bank muscat seminar on ‘In-Country Value Addition’ today

MUSCAT, 2 November 2012 – bank muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, is organising a seminar on ‘In-Country Value Addition’ today (Saturday 3 November 2012)  under the auspices of H.E Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, Chairman of the Special Zone Authority at Duqum.

The high profile seminar to be held at the bank’s head office will be addressed by H.E Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who during his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia between 1981 – 2003, played a key role in generating in-country value from the industrial and service sectors in Malaysia.

Industry experts spotlighting on in-country value opportunities in Oman at the seminar include Dr. Raoul Restucci, Managing Director of PDO; Majid Al Toky, Resident Managing Partner of Trowers & Hamlins; and Dr. Fredrick Young, CEO of Delma Energy.

The seminar stems from bank muscat’s commitment to creating in-country value vis-à-vis participation in the socio-economic development of Oman. As the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, bank muscat extends support to all key economic sectors.  

The seminar focuses on a vital topic in the context of Oman addressing the requirements of youth representing more than 50 per cent of the country’s population, and ensuring development benefiting communities in all parts of the country. The seminar will also highlight the importance of in-country value percolating to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as Oman’s economy is witnessing a gradual shift towards SMEs.

The seminar reiterates bank muscat’s commitment to fostering national talent and providing support for all sectors, notably SMEs that create meaningful employment opportunities. The bank remains committed to working hand-in-hand with the government and partners to create sustainable in-country value for the country as a whole. The seminar will be an ideal platform for all stakeholders to discuss new possibilities and collaborations in creating in-country value opportunities.