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Meethaq offers complimentary Takaful cover for its customers

Muscat, 28 June 2020

 Meethaq Islamic Banking – Bank Muscat, the pioneer of Islamic Banking in Oman, in line with its vision ‘To Serve You Better, Everyday’ is encouraging its customers to take advantage of its complimentary Takaful cover provided for Savings Account depositors. Takaful solutions allow insured individuals to protect the financial future of their loved ones in case of any unfortunate events. Meethaq’s Savings Accounts allow customers to save and at the same time enjoy Free Takaful coverage by simply maintaining a specified balance amount in these accounts.

Meethaq Premium Savings Account holders are eligible for free Life Takaful and Permanent Total Disability Takaful cover up to RO 50,000 on maintaining an average balance of RO 30,000 or more, while female customers have the opportunity to enjoy Takaful coverage designed to meet their unique needs by maintaining an average balance of RO 5,000 or more in their Neswa Savings Account. Takaful coverage offered with Neswa Savings Account include free Life Takaful cover up to RO 10,000, complimentary cover of RO 1,000 for protection against loss of handbag and RO 100 to cover the loss of ID cards or keys.

Those with young children may take advantage of the complementary Takaful coverage offered with Meethaq’s Baraem Savings Account. The children of Baraem Savings Account holders who maintain an average balance of RO 5,000 are eligible for free education cover of RO 5,000. This benefit is offered for up to four children when a depositor opens four separate Baraem Savings Account and maintains the minimum average balance in each of the account. Through the provision of this complimentary cover, Meethaq hopes to ensure that the future education of depositors’ children are not hampered in the event of any unfortunate incident resulting in the demise or disability of the family’s breadwinner.
Please visit https://www.meethaq.om/en/depositproducts/Pages/details.aspx#saving or call 24656666 for more details.

Meethaq Islamic banking provides several value-added services and exclusive lifestyle privileges to its customers, complementing a world-class banking experience. As the pioneer of Islamic banking in the Sultanate, Meethaq has adopted industry best practices in Islamic banking and finance to provide a robust model that benefits its customers. Every Meethaq product goes through Shari’a compliance certification by the bank’s Shari’a Supervisory Board and is created in line with the guidelines of the Central Bank of Oman. Meethaq also has the largest Islamic Banking branch network in Oman comprising 21 state-of-the-art branches, 22 ATMs and 18 CDMs respectively. In addition, Meethaq customers can also access their accounts through Bank Muscat’s network of ATMs and CDMs, which is the largest network in Oman.