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BankMuscat’s Zeinah Critical Care Insurance Plan evokes strong response

MUSCAT, 4 April 2012 - Zeinah Women's Critical Care Insurance Plan from BankMuscat has evoked strong response with beneficiaries commending the unique features providing comprehensive coverage against 7 types of cancer.   

With a nominal amount of RO 5 a month or annual payment of RO 60, Zeinah offers insurance cover up to RO 5,000 against cancer. The unique benefits include that the claim can be made at diagnosis itself. The plan offers the facility of a second medical opinion from Houston InterMedical Consultants in the US. Claims for pre-existing illness can be made after 12 months and no medical examination is required to sign up for the plan which provides worldwide coverage. The exclusive plan is available for Zeinah customers in the age group of 18 to 64 years.

Fatma Al Lawati from Product and Service Management Department, said: “Zeinah understands women's needs better than anyone else does. We understand the role of women as homemaker, wife, mother, care giver and breadwinner. Should an unforeseen situation occur in their life, it will be a big blow to the family. This is the reason why it makes a lot of sense to stay alert and be prepared for the unforeseen in life."

Fatma added: “A complicated medical insurance product is the last thing a beneficiary can put up with while making a claim for treatment of critical illness. Taking into consideration the requirement to simplify the medical insurance claim process, Zeinah guarantees immediate sanction of funds even without submission of medical bills. Zeinah beneficiaries can rest assured to face the unexpected as the insurance plan supports without complicating life during a crisis."

Sukaina Iqbal Haider Ansari is all praise for Zeinah Critical Care Plan. The 29-year-old has faced serious health problems. Her left ovary and one fallopian tube were removed after being detected with cancer when she was only 14 years old. Later, she developed a uterine tumour. In 2003, Sukaina was married. In 2009, she was again diagnosed with breast cancer and her left breast was removed. Her friends arranged RO 30,000 for her treatment which cost over RO 85,000. The Ministry of Health also gave a strong support to her. The positive support from her family and husband helped Sukaina to successfully come out of her ordeal and today she is blessed with a child.

Sukaina said: “All women may not be fortunate to receive the kind of support I received in my crisis. I am delighted to sign up for the exclusive Zeinah Women's Critical Care Insurance Plan which helps women to be prepared for the unknown. Should an unforeseen situation happen again in my life, I am well prepared to face it. I strongly urge all women to sign up for this product which will help them to be well prepared for the unknown future."

BankMuscat is the first bank in the Sultanate and only the third in the GCC to provide a medical insurance product for treatment of critical illnesses. Zeinah critical care plan is available for all, including expatriates. Upon diagnosis of any of the listed forms of cancer, claims can be made for treatment anywhere in the world.

Zeinah is part of the Bank's wider expansion strategy aimed at meeting the growing demand for exclusive products and services for women. Zeinah offers a unique banking package designed to cater to various financial requirements of women. The exclusive service is based on the premise that women prefer to use special banking services that preserve their privacy.