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Big boost to youth as more clubs get bank muscat Green Sports support

MUSCAT, 9 October 2012 – The Green Sports initiative launched by bank muscat to develop a sporting nation made headway as the flagship bank signed three more agreements to support and finance sports clubs and teams across Oman to green their playing fields.

Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad al Busaidi, Chairman of Oman Football Association (OFA), presided at the signing ceremony at Millennium Resort in Musannah, in the presence of a large number of dignitaries and senior bank officials. The three agreements were signed to green the playing fields of Al Najoum Team in the wilayat of Khabourah, Al Noor Team in the wilayat of Musannah and Al Hoqain Team in the wilayat of Rostaq.    

Sayyid Khalid praised the Green Sports initiative by bank muscat. Sayyid Khalid said: “This will help identify and develop sporting talents and strengthen sports infrastructure in general and football in particular.” He appreciated bank muscat for motivating and supporting the youth in building a sporting nation. “Sports and games are an important area for youth to show their talents and the Green Sports initiative provides a real chance to develop their talents. The bank muscat initiative is a fine example for the private sector to support the government in strengthening the country’s sports infrastructure.”

Sayyid Khalid commended the initiative as a pioneering step in social responsibility where the bank is supporting the development of sports infrastructure. “We encourage the private sector to take inspiration from the initiative and provide additional support to the country’s youth and thereby complement the government efforts in this field.”
Sayyid Khalid congratulated the teams and clubs which were selected for the Green Sports support. “There are scores of talented young people in the Sultanate who can excel in sports and games and the Green Sports initiative will help identify and develop many of them.”

Saleh al Maaini, Senior Regional Manager for North Muscat and South Batinah governorates, thanked the dignitaries for attending the ceremony. He said the Green Sports initiative was aimed at promoting social responsibility. Al Maaini said: “The bank will support all deserving clubs across the Sultanate to green their playing fields. To achieve the goals of the initiative, the project will continue for a period of five years and the bank will re-examine all applications in order to provide a fair chance to all in the coming years. The initiative is a strategic decision by the bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports Affairs to promote Oman as a sporting nation.”

Al Maaini said the Green Sports initiative was aimed at strengthening the bank’s role in social responsibility and partnership between the private sector and the government in order to achieve growth and sustainable progress of society, inspired by the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and activating the role of the private sector in community activities and events. The Green Sports initiative reiterates the bank’s support to Oman’s youth who represent the future of Oman. The initiative also contributes to sustainable development and protection of the environment, thereby ensuring all-round development in Oman.”

Al Maaini added: “bank muscat is the fruit of the prosperous renaissance era, where the bank plays a lead role in economic and social activities benefiting citizens across the Sultanate. We congratulate all teams who will benefit from this initiative.”

H.E Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Farsi, Wali of Musannah, appreciated bank muscat, stressing that this initiative will contribute to the creation of an environment encouraging Omani sports talents. “The initiative is a big support for the country’s youth and will contribute to establishing proper sports infrastructure in the country. We are confident that many youngsters will benefit from this initiative and become sporting heroes for the country.”

H.E Ali Bin Khalfan Al Qotaiti, Majlish Ash’shura member from the wilayat of Khabourah, appreciated the significant role played by bank muscat in supporting various sports activities in the Sultanate, stressing that the Green Sports  initiative was a pioneering idea and important in supporting the emergence of young sports talents. He congratulated Al Najoum Team for winning the Green Sports support. “More than 50 per cent of the country’s population comprise youth who needs to be encouraged for all-round development. This initiative will benefit a large segment of society.”

His Excellency Shaikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Saadi, Majlis Ash’shura member from the wilayat of Musannah, said he was happy to see Al Noor Team from the wilayat receiving the Green Sports support. He said he was confident young athletes and players will contribute to the emergence of a strong sporting nation. He commended the initiative aimed at supporting sports clubs and creating a favourable environment for them to excel in their respective arenas.

H.E Shaikh Nasser bin Khamis al Khomaisi, Majlish Ash’shura member from the wilayat of Musannah, said the Green Sports initiative will contribute significantly to establishing sports infrastructure, stressing that the government was keen on supporting youth through various programmes and the private sector should follow the example of bank muscat in supporting sports activities in Oman.

Shaikh Zayed bin Khalfan al Abri, Majlis Ash’shura member from the wilayat of Rostaq, congratulated all teams benefiting from the Green Sports initiative.

Saif bin Mubarak Al Hodar, President of Al Noor Team, said the initiative will equip sporting heroes in the country.

Salem bin Marhoon al Qawaldi, President of Al Najoum Team, commended the social responsibility initiative by bank muscat which will help create a favourable environment to develop sporting talents. “We are thankful to bank muscat for launching the Green Sports initiative, which will significantly raise the sporting infrastructure standards in Oman and help nurture a generation of sporting heroes. The initiative will encourage healthy living, which will have wider impact on the nation.” 

Abdullah bin Ali Al Hinai, President of Al Hoqain Team, said the initiative will be a big boost to developing sporting talents in Oman. He expressed delight in his team being selected as a beneficiary for the Green Sports initiative. Al Hinai said: “The strengthening of sports infrastructure will significantly contribute to the discovery of young talents and provide appropriate sports infrastructure to organise various sporting events.”

The Green Sports initiative was launched by the bank early this year to lay the foundation at the grass-root level for a sustainable sports infrastructure across Oman. The 5-year Green Sports programme has identified clubs across Oman to green their playing fields. The bank recognises that local clubs wield immense influence on neighbourhood communities, especially youth, hence clubs with modern infrastructure facilities can help raise sporting heroes for the country.

The initiative is in line with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which has included Green Sports in its current 10-year program: Resolution 2997 XXVII. Sporting activities involving environmental commitment are now playing an increasingly important role at the global level in focusing recognition on protecting our planet.

The Green Sports initiative allows bank muscat to closely align itself with the global UNEP programme. The bank will primarily develop green playing fields across Oman and launch many community projects targeting the youth, who represents 70 per cent of the Sultanate’s population. Many CSR projects by bank muscat will be clustered around sports, an essential activity for everyone’s well-being. These sports activities will take place in green fields developed by the bank.

True to its commitment to supporting varied sporting activities in the country, bank muscat remains at the forefront in offering the required encouragement and support to youth. As the nation’s leading financial institution, bank muscat aims to motivate other corporates to provide the required impetus for youth to excel in all arenas and thereby contribute to the development and progress of Oman.

bank muscat is a strong supporter of sporting activities, especially football, and was the first private sector institution to announce support to the Oman national teams playing in the Asian qualifier for 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil and 2012 Olympics in London.

The recent sports activities supported by the bank include Oman Sail’s Women’s Programme, an initiative bringing sailing into the lives of Omani women, aimed at empowering and encouraging them to develop sailing skills for recreation and career.

bank muscat is the first Omani bank to establish a full-fledged CSR department. Considered among core values, the CSR policy stems from the bank’s strong belief in the importance of social responsibility and reflects the concern and care for various segments of society. The bank is of the view that its social responsibility is not merely participation in charitable works and organisation of voluntary campaigns, but responsibility towards all-round development of society.

bank muscat focuses on all types of projects that fall within the framework of social responsibility. The prime consideration includes the benefit reaching the largest number of individuals; the youth and job-seekers, and provision of opportunities for the development of skills/human capital. Efforts are also targeted at individuals with special needs to enhance their capabilities with the aim of integrating them into mainstream society.

bank muscat will sign more agreements with sports clubs and teams to green their playing fields in the coming days