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Customers hail Bank Muscat’s new PIN creation and resetting system for its convenience and ease of use

​​MUSCAT, 19 September 2019 

Bank Muscat’s new automated PIN creation and resetting process for all its debit, credit and prepaid cards has been well appreciated by the bank’s customers. A number of congratulatory and thank you messages have been received via the bank’s official social media channels from customers who have hailed the convenience and the ease of the process.

The bank has requested all its customers to make sure that their current contact details including email ids and mobile phone numbers are updated with the bank to ensure secure access to OTPs. Thanks to the multi-channel experience provided by Bank Muscat, customers can easily update their mobile numbers through Internet Banking, ATMs, or by visiting the nearest branch. Registering the mobile number with the bank ensures that customers can get their secure OTPs quickly to complete transactions. Updating mobile numbers and email ids also ensure that customers do not miss out on any of the great offers that are periodically offered to them.

Thanks to the new PIN creation/resetting system, customers need not wait for a physically printed PIN to be sent to customers by post or be collected from the branch. They can instead, visit their nearest Bank Muscat ATM or Bank Muscat statement-printing kiosk to create or reset their PIN. After inserting their credit, debit or prepaid card, they are required to choose the ‘Set PIN’ / ‘Re-set PIN’ option and follow the instructions on the ATM or kiosk screen. A one-time passcode (OTP) will be sent to their mobile number (registered with the bank) to authenticate the transaction. The customer will then be required to select a 4 digit number as the new PIN.

A customer can also create or reset their card PIN by calling the Call Centre on 24795555 from the mobile number registered with the Bank and selecting the ‘Create PIN’ or ‘Reset’ option in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The customer will first need to enter the card details following which they will receive an OTP on her/his registered mobile number which has to be also entered into the IVR. Once the OTP is authenticated, the IVR will request the customer to set a new 4 digit PIN. The IVR system will provide a confirmation once the new PIN has been successfully created.

A great advantage of the new service is that the PIN number can be easily reset without requesting for a new card or new printed PIN. Should any customer face any delay in receiving the OTP on their registered mobile phone or face any other difficulty due to entry of wrong details/OTP etc., they may contact the Call Centre on 24795555 for support.

Amjad Iqbal Al Lawati, AGM - Cards & eBanking, Bank Muscat, said: “We have had an excellent response from our customers to the new PIN creation and resetting process introduced recently. Bank Muscat has always tried to enhance ease of banking and transactions for its customers through implementing the latest technology. We are happy to find that customers have readily taken to the new process for its ease of use and convenience. For the ease and security of transactions, we request all our customers to update their latest contact details with the bank using one of the many channels available to do so.”

For Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the sultanate, distinguished customer service has always been of primary importance. The bank always strives to put the power of cutting-edge technology in the hands of its customers to facilitate smooth and secure transactions at their convenience. The latest service adds more ease of use to customers who already have access to the largest network of branches and ATMs in Oman.