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al Mazyona Children’s Savings Account winners

​MUSCAT, 20 July 2016 –Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, hosted al Mazyona Children's Savings Account monthly prize draw at celebrations held in Oman Avenues Mall. The event, which attracted a large turnout of children and parents, included fun activities, entertainment and competitions aimed at motivating children to develop the savings habit from childhood.

By maintaining a monthly balance of RO 50, al Mazyona Children's account holders get a chance to win 20 monthly prizes of RO 100 each, in addition to another 10 birthday prizes of 100 each every month. The birthday prize draw is targeted at children whose birthday falls in a particular month. al Mazyona children's account holders are also eligible for other al Mazyona prizes by maintaining a minimum balance of RO 100. For every RO 100 balance in al Mazyona Children's Savings Account, the children have two chances to win prizes.

Children's account holders also enjoy other value added benefits in the form of Schooling Continuity plan wherein, in the event of accidental death of the parent, the child would start to receive RO 100 every month till the child reaches 18 years of age. This benefit is aimed at providing an assurance to maintain continuity of schooling for the children, even if the parent is not available due to any unforeseen incident.

Customers maintaining a children account can also get a chance to apply for an interest-free Educational loan once they apply for college, subject to them meeting the necessary credit criteria. The loan amount would depend on the duration & average balance maintained by them.

Reaching out with a powerful call for savings, Oman's flagship al Mazyona savings scheme offers high value prizes totaling RO 10 million for different segments, including women, children, youth and high saving customers. Adding excitement to festivals and national celebrations, the 2016 savings scheme rewards customers with special prizes, besides 2 aspirational prizes worth a total of RO 1 million at the end of year.

As on date, al Mazyona savings scheme guaranteeing more for everyone to share is the biggest prize money in Oman and the region with prizes ranging from RO 1,000 a week to RO 10,000 a month, RO 100,000 every quarter and RO 500,000 at the end of year. al Mazyona continues to be the only savings scheme to recognise and reward loyalty for customers based on their association with the bank.

A special prize draw offering RO 10,000 each for winners from 14 regions was also held in celebration of Eid Al Fitr in July. An exclusive draw for Zeinah women customers coinciding with Omani Women's Day is another highlight in which 10 customers will be rewarded with RO 10,000 each. On the occasion of the National Day, a special draw will be held offering RO 10,000 each for 10 winners.

al Mazyona has lined up high value monthly, quarterly and year-end prizes for the Premier banking segment. The exclusive prizes for asalah Priority banking customers include two monthly prizes of RO 50,000 each, two quarterly prizes of RO 250,000 each and the year-end jackpot prize of RO 500,000 for one customer. The bank also offers special prizes to Al Jawhar Privilege Banking customers, including two monthly prizes of RO 25,000 each and two quarterly prizes of RO 50,000 each. Premier banking customers can also participate in all other al Mazyona weekly, monthly, quarterly and special prize draws.

The double-your-salary scheme is another attraction of 2016 al Mazyona savings scheme. The scheme entitles customers maintaining a salary account with the bank to win a free bonus salary every month. The prize scheme is open to all customers with a minimum monthly salary of RO 500. For instance, a customer whose salary is RO 500 can win an additional salary prize of RO 500 whereas another customer whose salary is RO 3000 can win back an equivalent bonus salary of RO 3000 and so on. In all there will be 30 winners every month who will gain a bonus salary with al Mazyona savings account.