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Bank Muscat organises Qaranqasho celebration

Muscat,23 June 2016 As part of “Ramadhan Al Khair" programme, Bank Muscat organised a unique Qaranqasho celebration in Alden village in Willayat Samail with amazing lights and sound effects. The village's children enjoyed the night, singing Qaranqasho with joy and other delighted songs while the bank's employees took part in the occasion, presenting lots of gifts and sweets to the children. The event is the first of its kind with Bank Muscat as children with their families moved around the village, celebrating Qaranqasho.

In addition, Bank Muscat celebrated Qaranqasho at Oman Avenues Mall on the 14th of June 2016. The celebration included a variety of exciting activities and games as well as presenting gifts and sweets for the children in a fun and joyful atmosphere. Bank Muscat's staff enjoyed the celebration as well who participated in distributing these sweets to the children. The bank utilised the occasion to present Al Mazyona and encouraged saving habits among the participants.

Bank Muscat continues to organise and sponsor activities of RamadhanAl Khair initiative which aims to strengthen the relationship between the bank, local communities as well as public and private institutions. The bank's Executive Management and staff participated in the initiative, taking place in Bank Muscat headquarters and Oman's governorates and regions, inviting clients and officials from the government and private sectors. Bank Muscat plans to launch and sponsor several programmes and events across the Sultanate especially in Ramadhan that contribute in supporting the society.

During the Holy month of Ramadhan, Bank Muscat conducted several Iftar Gathering within Ramadhan Al Khair initiative to thank all concerned partners for their efforts and services, build strong relationships with the institutions' officials, plus share breaking the fast moments with them. Recently, the bank invited Muscat Municipality's Call Centre staff, Royal Hospital employees, journalists and media representatives as well as board members of Oman Journalist Association to enjoy Iftar Gatherings. Further, Bank Muscat lined up month-long celebrations across the Sultanate to create a platform for customers and the public to enjoy Ramadhan nights.