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Bank Muscat hands over 7th green ground to Al Najoum team in Khabourah

​MUSCAT, 24 May 2014 – Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, marked a big celebration under the auspices of Shaikh Saif bin Hilal bin Sultan al Hosni, Vice-President of Oman Olympic Committee and President of Oman Athletics Association, to hand over the 7th green playground developed as part of the Green Sports initiative to Al Najoum team in the wilayat of Al Khabourah. The ceremony was attended by dignitaries, senior bank officials and a large turn-out of football enthusiasts.

The Green Sports initiative was launched by the bank in 2012 to lay the foundation at the grass-root level for a sustainable sports infrastructure. As part of the programme, 20 sports clubs have already been given support to green their playing fields. To achieve the goals of the initiative, the bank supports all deserving clubs across the Sultanate to green their playing fields.

Shaikh Saif bin Hilal bin Sultan al Hosni congratulated Bank Muscat for the Green Sports initiative aimed at motivating and supporting the country's youth in building a sporting nation. Shaikh Saif said: “The Bank Muscat initiative is a fine example for the private sector to support the government in strengthening the country's sports infrastructure."

The unique CSR initiative has yielded encouraging results with six teams already completing the project. Al Reef Team in the wilayat of Ibri was the first to receive a green playground developed by the bank, followed by A'dhahar Team in the wilayat of Bidiya, Bilad Seet Team in the wilayat of Bahla, Al Noor team in the wilayat of Musanah, Al Etihad team in the wilayat of Ibra and Al Qadsiya team in the wilayat of Adam. 

The bank recognises that local clubs wield immense influence on neighbourhood communities, especially youth, hence clubs with modern infrastructure facilities can help raise sporting heroes for the country. The initiative reiterates the bank's support to Oman's youth who represent the future of Oman, besides contributing to sustainable development and protection of the environment, thereby ensuring all-round development in Oman.

Ali Jama, Senior Regional Manager, said: “The inauguration of the seventh green playground in Al Khabourah endorses the bank's commitment to support the youth representing the country's future. We congratulate Al Najoum Team for seizing the opportunity to green their playing field, thereby setting a fine example for other clubs and teams in Oman." 

Ali Jama added: “The new facility marks a milestone for sports development in the region. The bank will support all deserving clubs across the Sultanate to green their playing fields. To achieve the goals of the initiative, the project will continue and the bank will provide a fair chance to all teams and clubs in the coming days. The initiative is a strategic decision by the bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports Affairs to promote Oman as a sporting nation."

The funding eligibility criteria for the programme include that sports clubs/teams should have been in existence for three years with a minimum membership of 300 youth from the local community. Bank Muscat will lay turf grass and plant trees and hand over the fields to beneficiary clubs/teams.

Salem Said Al Salhi, Chairman of the organizing committee for the stadium project, said: “The Green Sports initiative has made vital contributions to create an environment encouraging Omani sports talents. The unique initiative is a big support for the country's youth and we are confident that many youngsters will benefit from this programme and become sporting heroes for the country."

Abdullah bin Harith Al Hosni, Captain of Al Najoum Team, said: “We are delighted that Al Najoum Team has become a role model for other clubs and teams in Oman." He congratulated Al Najoum for raising the standard of their playing field with the Green Sports support.

True to its commitment to supporting varied sporting activities in the country, Bank Muscat remains at the forefront in offering the required encouragement and support to youth. As the nation's leading financial institution, Bank Muscat aims to provide the impetus for youth to excel in all arenas and thereby contribute to the development and progress of Oman.