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Meethaq launches new contactless debit and credit cards

​MUSCAT, 24 June 2019 

Meethaq, the pioneer of Islamic banking in Oman from Bank Muscat, has announced the launch of its new ‘contactless’ debit and credit cards. Packed with an array of features and benefits, the new contactless cards are designed to make everyday purchases and payments easier and faster. Meethaq has branded its contactless feature as ‘Just Tap’.

Customers will be able to complete their low-value point-of-sale (POS) transactions with a simple tap (or even waving the card within 4cm) of the POS terminal without the need to enter their personal identification number (PIN) for transactions up to RO 20. Customers will be able to conduct multiple transactions totaling up to RO60 every day using the ‘Just Tap’ feature. A maximum of 10 contactless transactions can be done in a single day, after which customers will be prompted to enter their PIN to transact further. 

The new ‘Just Tap’ cards can be used at all POS terminals which have the contactless feature enabled. While new customers will immediately receive the contactless card, all existing cardholders can continue using their current CHIP and PIN cards. All existing customers will be automatically migrated to the new contactless card at the time of renewal of their existing cards.

Meethaq ‘Just Tap’ cards can be used at all contactless POS terminals across the Sultanate. To use the ‘Just Tap’ feature, customers can check to identify a POS terminal with the ‘Just Tap’ sign. The customer then needs to tap the contactless card on the POS terminal, following which the transaction will be automatically processed. The POS terminal will then issue a confirmation receipt for the transaction. With the entire process taking only a few seconds, the customer and the store will both benefit from faster checkout times. Customers will continue to receive alerts on their mobile phones for all transactions made using their cards.

The new innovative cards are in line with the Sultanate’s ambitious eGovernment project and conforms to international standards. Their launch reflects the bank’s commitment to ensure ease of use and convenience along with security for all card transactions. Offering great flexibility and convenience, Meethaq cards already provide access to the largest network of branches, ATMs and CDMs across the sultanate.