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Profit & Loss Components YTD Dec 2017 YTD Dec 2016 Change
Net interest income & Income from Islamic financing 281,346274,1482.63%
Other operating income 154,620142,0278.87%
TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 435,966416,1754.76%
OPERATING EXPENSES -184,079-174,0785.75%
NET PROFIT AFTER TAX 176,818176,5600.15%
Basic earnings per share (for the period) 0.0640.0640
Balance Sheet Components As at 31st Dec 17As at 31st Dec 16Change
Net loans & advances/financing receivables 8,328,7167,957,3304.67%
Customer Deposits/Islamic Customers' Deposits 7,419,3127,457,727-0.52%
Total Equity 1,818,3331,546,74017.56%
Capital adequacy ratio ‐ as per Basel III 18.56%16.90%1.66%