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Investment Bankingbank muscat has played a key role in the development of investment banking in Oman. Set up in 1995, the Investment Banking Division (IBD) has grown to be the partner of choice for corporates and investors. The takeover of Al Ahlia Securities Co. SAOC in Dec. 2001 cemented the Bank's position as the leader in this area of business. Today, bank muscat IBD provides a comprehensive financial services suite of corporate finance, product structuring, brokerage and research services.

Insight, Innovate and Implement are the Investment Banking Division's core strengths, reflected in an able team, innovative products and a track record of excellence. All focused on one goal: getting results.

Investment banking is a people business, and the quality of advice depends on the quality of the team. Coming from leading investment-banking firms in the region, the bank muscat IBD team brings to the table diverse experience and the ability to manage and execute complex transactions.

The ability to create new, innovative products has made BankMuscat a pioneer in investment banking in Oman. The Bank has an unmatched record, being the first to structure a debt product, a corporate bond, an index tracker, a guaranteed product, a private equity fund, a subordinated product and an international investment product listed on the local market.

bank muscat has a unique record of carefully choosing clients and structuring transactions to suit requirements of both investor and the investee. This successful track record has lent BankMuscat credibility and built confidence in the minds of investors.

Having cemented its place as the leader in Oman, the Bank is now expanding its Investment Banking operations in the region and in India.

bank muscat is a leading financial advisor to corporations, institutions and government agencies throughout the Sultanate of Oman. The Bank's range of services, keen insight, execution skills and extensive distribution franchise make it the partner of choice among clients looking for innovative and customized corporate finance solutions.

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