Provision of Eid Requirements for Orphaned Children

bank muscat  launches "Al Mazyona" initiative for the Service of all Omani Society"

Muscat:  28 August 2012

Bank muscat, the leading financial institution in the Sultanate, recently launched "Al Mazyona" Programme Initiative aimed at serving Omani society as part of its social responsibility-related commitments.  The initiative takes the form of offering support and assistance to orphaned children and strengthening bonds between the bank and different segments of society.  During the holy month of Ramadhan, a team from the Department of Products and Services at bank muscat organized a number of "Ifktar" parties and charity dinners.  These were held in specific governorates for orphaned children and their relatives, providing them with essential necessities and presents on the occasion of Eid. 

As part of "Al Mazyona" initiative for the service of society, a dinner party was organized in the Wilayat of Sohar in North Batinah Governorate during the holy month of Ramadhan; in addition to similar parties in the Governorates of each of Muscat and Al Dakhaliyah.  Gifts and other essential necessities were distributed in the Governorates of Al Dhahirah, Ash Sharqiyah, Dhiofar and Musandam.

"Al Mazyonah" initiative for the purpose of serving society is aimed at maintaining close bonds and interaction through the organization of society-related events and activities.  The aim is to bring smiles of joy to orphaned children.  It should be noted that this initiative will continue offering support and assistance to the society in the future by organizing a number of social get-togethers and varied events in different Wilayats and Governorates of the Sultanate. This will also help to clearly identify and meet the needs and requirements of underprivileged segments of society, especially individuals from the Social Security Scheme, low income families and orphaned children.

It is expected that the team supervising this initiative will also organize during Eid Al Adha specific events/activities aimed at supporting the vulnerable and underprivileged in Omani society. 

It is worth mentioning that "Al Mazyona" Programme is one of the most important saving schemes in the Sultanate, and over the years has brought massive change to the lives of many people by realizing their dreams.  In 2012, bank muscat launched "Al Mazyona" Savings Scheme with a new concept - centered on the idea of participation and contribution towards changing the lives of people; giving them a chance to win valuable cash prizes and bringing both joy and happiness to the lucky winners.  In this manner, bank muscat has set aside cash prizes worth six million Omani Riyals, thus becoming the first saving scheme in the Sultanate that offers fabulous cash prizes throughout the year.  These prizes cover all the governorates of the Sultanate and offer equal winning chances to all in all segments of society.  Besides the prizes, the basic aim of launching the "Al Mazyona" Scheme is to consolidate the important concept of a saving culture amongst the various segments of Omani society.

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