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Welcome to the careers page of bank muscat!

At bank muscat, we recognize that our Human Resources are the most important asset and it is upon their commitment and effort that the bank depends on for its continuous prosperity and success.

Are you on the right track to having a great career? Do you have a long-term strategy? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself, then bank muscat is the place for you.

Talent Management at bank muscat

Our Talent Management Program is designed to groom employees for future roles in the bank by creating individual development plans to be linked to the unique development journey.

The objective of the program is not only to develop key staff, but to retain talent within bank muscat.


You will be nurtured by some of the best role models and talent within the bank and be encouraged to  share  your experiences by volunteering for special projects outside your everyday role. You will be able to network with professionals  across other functions in the bank and expand your career opportunities within the organization.

Our mentoring program can give you the opportunity to be tied up – for a specific timeframe- with an influential role model in the bank to provide you with important guidance for your career.

Working alongside our team of professionals will motivate you to be innovative and produce results par excellence. You will have opportunities to partner with high caliber teams of professionals and collaborate on various initiatives in the bank.

At bank muscat, our aim is to align your aspirations with our goals and through our vision and values  create a long-term mutually rewarding career path for you. Once you know where you are headed,  the sky is the limit!

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