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Global FinanceThe global Trade Services team at BankMuscat blend traditional financial solutions with tailor-made packages specially created to meet your requirments for financing your operations, ensuring payments are recieved, managing your liquidity, minimising exchange rate risk and saving money and time.

To meet the challenging demands of exporters, importers and local traders, the qualifies team equiped with the most advanced technology offers effective, customized solutions. with its strong global network relationship, the Bank can also arrange for confirmation of Letters of Credit and Guarantees at competitive pricing. We have on offer a variety of products some of which are as follows:

Bank Muscat e-Trade

The online e-Trade Finance system of BankMuscat allows corporate users accurate, up-to-date, real time information on ongoing Trade Finance transactions. It enables you to copy previously input transactions, two-way communication between customer and bank, up-to-date status information on all outstanding trade transactions, provides enquiry and messaging. BankMuscat e-Trade provides real time access 24 hours a day, elminates manual input/duplication, provides event tracking solution, provides straight through processing, maximise productivity, reduce costs, time and allows accessibility from any location/any time.

Import Letter of Credit

With a astrong Relationship across an extensive network of regional and international banks. The Bank issues Letter of Credit to beneficiaries in various countries and provides confirmation at competitive rates.

Guarantees/ Standby Letters of Credits

The bank provides different types of gurantees to meet both your local and international needs within a short span of time. Syndication and Risk Participation Guarantees are also organised by the Bank.

Non-Funded / Guarantee Support


For consortia to bid for projects in the Sultanate, Bank Muscat Provides bid/tender guarantees required by the client.


Bank Muscat provides non-funded guarantee support for winning bidders, who are required to provide various guarantees required by the client or lenders e.g. Performance Bonds, Debt Service Standby LCs.

We offer the following types of Guarantees:

  • Bid Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Retention Guarantee

Export Letter of Credit

To ensure results within the fastest time, the Bank issues Export Letters of Credit to beneficiaries on the same day. And with the e-banking system, you can get advice of Letters of Credit online at competitive rates.

Export Financing

Bank Muscat Provides financing to exporters working with major exporting agencies including ECGA, ECGD, COFACE, USEXIM, etc.


On the basis of pre-shipment guarantees issued on behalf of credit insured customers by ECGA, BankMuscat finances the exporters at liberal terms as the guarantee covers the non-payment of advances granted to the exporters. This guarantee being revolving it allows exporters to avail continous financial support in executing their export order.


Under this scheme BankMuscat discounts export bills at a preferential rate and thus reduces financing cost of exports significantly. This in turn leads to improvement in exporter's liquidity position.

Documentary Collections

The Bank facilitates the need of buyers and sellers by processing documentary collection for both imports and exports. BankMuscat provides advice and assistance on overseas markets and local markets to both parties.

The bank provides different types of guarantees to meet both your local and international needs within a short time span/ Syndication and Risk Participation Guarantees are also organised by the bank.


The Bank provides financing on imports. The various financing products on offer are:

  • Import Financing
  • Invoices Financing
  • Structured Finance
  • Bills Discounting
  • Re-financing Facilities
  • Acceptances

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