Asset Finance

Equipment Finance

We can help you create a funding package that helps your business meet its needs. We understand what is required to establish and maintain a successful operational plant and can structure the facilities so you can purchase the equipment/ machinery you need to run your business.

To discuss any aspect of our asset financing services and products please contact us.

Mortgage Loans

We will work with you to structure a best fitting facility to cater to your mortgage needs including purchase and development of varying properties ranging from residential, commercial, touristic and agricultural land. Our property finance offers flexible solutions to individual owners, investors and corporate from a range of industry sectors for expansion, development or accomodation.

A Mortgage Loan is provided for the sole purpose of part-financing the development of a real estate property, secured by a legally valid mortgage on the property and is primarily repayable by future income to be derived from the property.

We offer tailored solutions with options ranging from varying repayment schedules, disbursements, prepayment and morotorium period options to suit your cashflows.

Vehicle Finance

Corporate Banking can provide the finance you require to acquire the right vehicles for your various business needs whatever they may be: heavy vehicles, cars and trucks.

Our expertise covers financing small, medium to large scale requirments for an array of corporates varying sectory including tourism, oil & gas, manufacturing , transportation and logistics sectors. Over many years in the field, the knowledge we have gained allows us to undertand the issues that companies face and hence, help help you address them effectively.

The structure for Vehicle finance whether it be for a single vehicle or a fleet will typically be against joint registration with the bank and can be repaid in instalment over varying periods in line with the companies cash flow.

Other Asset Finance

Bank Muscat has a proven track record and commitment to long term partnerships with its corporate. As the largest asset-based lenders in the Sultanate of Oman we are dedicated to assisting medium to large corporate borrowers achieve their goals resulting in long lasting relationships.

Our Business Loans comes with attractive interest, money-saving features such as daily interest calculations, and complete flexibility, so that you get the financial solution that best meets your requirements. Term loans are offered in Rial Omani and other major foreign currencies for capital asset acquisitions, long term working capital or any other stated purchase, in both fixed or floating interest basis.

Our corporate bankers cater to asset financing needs of all sectors with specialty units dedicated to specific industries and offering solutions tailored to each. Whether you are in the business of real estate, manufacturing, transport and logistics etc we can assist by offering products structured to meet those needs. We provide asset-based loans of RO 250K and above to meet a variety of requirements such as acquisitions, expansions, turnarounds and debt restructurings to mention a few.

Asset-based financing offers a number of benefits to a corporate such as increase in liquidity position, freeing up capital for other business uses flexibility, alignment of repayment with cash flow and attracting rates of interest based on collateral quality.

To discuss any aspect of our asset financing services and products please contact us.

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