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Welcome to a World of Privileges with al jawhar

In the vibrant world of privilege banking, the distinctive identity says it all. Elevating privilege banking to unparalleled heights, al jawhar from bank muscat has unleashed a new world of opportunities with preferential treatment. Reflecting the elegant lifestyle of clients, excellence in service is the hallmark of al jawhar experience.
Designed around the unique lifestyle and banking requirements al jawhar Privilege Banking presents three pillars of commitments to customers - Recognition, Convenience and Experience - which are premium products and services.


Centered on your banking convenience, al jawhar offers an exclusive bouquet of the following special services:
al jawhar Platinum Debit Card
al jawhar Platinum Credit Card
Exclusive Al Mazyouna Draw for al jawhar customers


• The value proposition of convenience places al jawhar customers in a league of their own
• Fast track services in branches which make the experience truly rewarding
• Higher ATM daily withdrawal limit
• Waiver of loan fees, with credit card application
• Enjoy free travel insurance with al jawhar Visa Platinum Credit Card


We extend to you the hand of friendship and partnership to experience the exciting world of Privilege Banking:
• As a card holder you can avail exclusive discounts at selected merchant outlets. Click here for details
• Al jawhar Visa Platinum Credit cardholders are privileged to enjoy complimentary access to more than 25 airport lounges worldwide, click here
• al jawhar Visa Platinum Credit Card 1% cash back as a reward accrued on each purchase transaction locally and internationally
• Apply for the al jawhar Platinum Credit Card and enjoy more than 500 ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offers on the Entertainer Smartphone App. For more information click here

bank muscat al jawhar is more than just a package, it is an exclusive banking experience tailored to our customers individual financial needs. As a Privilege banking customer, your banking will be easier and more enjoyable.


“ Should you require any further information, Please contact bank muscat call centre at 24795555”




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