Payment Facilities

Bill Payment Facilities

Easy Deposit Bill payments can be made for electricity, water, telephone etc. through the various delivery channels such as branches, Call Centre, Internet, ATMs there by offering great convenience to the customer.

Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit lockers are available at Ruwi, Qurum, and Main Branch (CBD).

Easy Deposit

Presenting another great service from BankMuscat that lets you bank at your convenience. Easy Deposit - a high-end deposit machine that accepts cash, counts the notes, gives you a receipt and credits your account online! Which means you no longer have to rush to the bank or wait in long queues for cash transactions. All you have to do is make use of any of the Easy Deposit machines at selected branches. Easy, isn’t it?

There’s more! This electronic channel offers you a host of easy features:

  • Large number of notes
  • Credit card payments
  • Utility bill payments
  • School fee payments
  • Credit other BankMuscat customer accounts

The machine accepts only Omani Rial currency. More details on features are given below:

Cash Deposit

  • Only BankMuscat Electron Card (ATM card) holders can make use of this and deposit cash to any BankMuscat customer account. Select Cash Deposit option.
  • Insert the Electron Card in the machine. Deposit cash.
  • After the notes are accepted, the machine displays the amount deposited and asks for confirmation before giving a slip for the amount deposited.
  • Once you confirm, you will get a receipt showing the exact number of notes, their value and the total amount credited to the account.

Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Available only for BankMuscat credit card holders.
  • Insert the credit card.
  • The details of the card will pop up on the screen.
  • You can choose to pay any amount towards adjustment of your liability.
  • Follow the same process as described in the cash deposit feature.

Utility Bills Payment

  • Available for both BankMuscat and non-BankMuscat customers.
  • Choose the relevant utility and service provider under the main utility bills menu (Electricity/Water/Telephone etc).
  • Scan the bill to be paid with the Bar Code Reader (hold bill under the card reader). The screen will show the bill amount and the contract number.
  • You can opt to pay any amount.
  • Follow the same process as described in the cash deposit feature.

Education Fee Payment

  • Available for both BankMuscat and non-BankMuscat customers.
  • Choose education fee payment under the utility bills payment option.
  • Select the concerned school and key in the student ID (Registration No.).
  • Deposit the amount to be paid.
  • Follow the same process as described in the cash deposit feature.

Mobile Top Up

  • Available for both BankMuscat and non-BankMuscat customers.
  • Press any key to begin then Select Mobile Top Up option.
  • Select the Mobile service provider and Enter Mobile Number to be topped up.
  • Insert the cash any amount between R.O 1 and R.O 100.
  • Press confirm if the information displayed is correct. If not, Press Cancel.
  • An advice slip will be issued with details.
  • Within a few minutes the customer will get a SMS message from the service provider confirming the transaction.

Education Fee Payment

To get the Application form for Fee Payment through BankMuscat eBanking Channels Please Click Here.

Pay for your child’s education with just a phone call, click of a mouse or by walking into the nearest BankMuscat branch !!!

Making a payment towards fees has now become extremely convenient for account holders of BankMuscat. So simple that all one needs to do use the Phone Banking or the Internet Banking facility of BankMuscat and make the payment of the fee from any location and at any time.

A one-time registration is all that is required to avail this. Use the attached registration form to fill in the details of the students for whom you wish to make the payment through this facility.

Now if that isn’t enough, here is more !!!! Any person can walk in to any of the branches of BankMuscat and make payment towards fees by paying cash across the counter. (Yes !! This facility is available to non-account holders too.)

List of schools for for Education Fees Payment Facility– Consumer Banking.

  • Sultan School
  • Indian School Ghoubra
  • Modern College
  • Pakistan School Muscat
  • Sri Lankan School
  • National Nursery(Montessori)
  • Indian School Muladha
  • Indian School Salalah
  • Mad Science
  • Rikaz Technology Resourse
  • The Math Genius
  • Happy smile Nursery
  • A'ssafwah School
  • Jaifar Ibin Julanda Private School

So why bother to take all the trouble when you can do it the easy way with BankMuscat. Please contact us at our phone banking number 2479 5555 for further details.

Air Arabia Ticket Payment Facility

BankMuscat’s partnership with Air Arabia

BankMuscat, the largest Bank in the Sultanate has tied up with Air Arabia, the region’s first and only low-fare airlines to provide customers with a convenient and secure method of buying tickets. Through this unique tie up, irrespective of the place where the customer is situated, they would be able to book, pay and then receive the ticket without stepping out of the comfort of their home or office.

(*One-way base fare exclusive of taxes and surcharges. Standard terms and conditions apply. Not valid for sales from Qatar)

Its smart, quick, easy and secure – All you have to do is:

Book Smart!

  • Step 1 : Call Air Arabia call center on 24700828 (from 8am – 8pm) and make your ticket reservation after choosing the destination of your choice.
  • Step 2 : Pay for your ticket through Bank Muscat Phone banking, Internet banking or any of the 90 branches spread across.
  • Step 3 : After the payment is made, the ticket will be sent to you either through fax or e-mail.

Pay less!

Payment made directly to a travel agent will incur OMR 3 for GCC ticket and OMR 5 for other destinations. But if you choose to pay through BankMuscat, only OMR 1 will be charged and that too for any destination.

For details please contact Air Arabia call center on 24444444 or BankMuscat phone banking on 9000000.

About Air Arabia

Air Arabia currently flies to twenty-four destinations:

  • Aleppo and Damascus (Syria)
  • Alexandria, Assiut, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)
  • Aqaba and Amman (Jordan)
  • Astana and Almaty (Kazakhstan)
  • Bahrain
  • Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh (KSA), Doha (Qatar)
  • Khartoum (Sudan)
  • Kuwait
  • Mumbai and Nagpur (India)
  • Muscat (Oman)
  • Sana’a (Yemen) and Sharjah (UAE)

and more would be added soon.

Convenient, Fast and Secure
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