Money Transfer and Remittances

Demand Drafts in foreign currency

A simple and cost-effective overseas payment. DD is a less expensive way for remitters to transfer money overseas. This facility is secure and safe With a demand draft, you enjoy the flexibility of making the bank cheque payable to a specific payee, drawn on an overseas branch.

TTs (Telegraphic transfer) to another account

A simple and cost-effective overseas payment. A quick, efficient payment to international destinations A Telegraphic Transfer is one of the fastest and safest channels for remitting money overseas. It allows you to transfer your funds anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Your money will typically reach its destination within two working days.

Remittances / Electronic payments

  • SWIFT Electronic Payments (International inward and Outward payments)
  • Local Bank transfer through RTGS and ACH (CBO gateway)
  • Vostro Bank Payments
  • In-house Transfer
  • Standing Orders – within bank muscat customers; Local and International Payments
  • Demand Drafts
  • Payment Orders
  • Direct Debits
  • Speed Transfers to India in INR remittances
  • Philippine Remittances

Awards and accolades

bank muscat has won STP Awards, for their Electronic Payments:

  • Elite Quality award from J P Morgan Chase Bank USD Clearing (2012) – 13 times in a row.
  • Citibank Performance Excellence STP Award, USD Clearing (2013)
  • Standard Chartered STP Excellence Award USD Clearing (2012)
  • Wells Fargo STP Award for Commercial Payments (2012)
  • Deutsche Bank EURO Excellence STP Award (2012)
  • Commerz Bank EURO Excellence STP Award (2012)
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