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Non-Resident Indian Services

BankMuscat Expat Services offers a gamut of Financial Solutions to the Non-Resident Indian community in Oman. Partnering with BankMuscat, you will never be far from the comfort of banking in your home country. The Expat Services Department will help you open an account at any location in India.

Indian Rupee Accounts

  • NRE Account
    We assist you in opening a Non-Resident External Account in India to manage all your Indian Rupee transactions. The principal and interest earned on the balances in this account is freely repatriable.
  • NRO Account
    This account will help you in managing your income generated in India in the form of Rents, Dividends, pensions etc. You can open this account through the Expat Services department and even also money into this account from Oman. In the event of the NRI returning from overseas on a permanent basis, the NRO Account will be re-designated as resident savings accounts. For more details and for fixing up appointments with a Relationship Manager, mail expatservices@bankmuscat.com

Indian Rupee Deposits

  • NRE Term Deposits
    You can maintain your earnings in Rupee Term Deposits by opening an NRE Deposit account through us while enjoying competitive interest rates and full repatriability. You will be able to retain the NRE deposit till maturity at the contracted rate even after moving back to India for good.
  • NRO Term Deposits
    NRIs can open NRO Term Deposits through the Expat Services Department in Indian Rupee and avail rates higher NRO Savings Accounts. The balance in the deposit account is repatriable subject to payment of taxes and in compliance with the Reserve Bank of India guidelines.

Foreign Currency Deposits

  • FCNR Deposits
    You can hold your earnings in the currency of your choice and make it work by opening a Foreign Currency-Non Resident (FCNR) Deposit through BankMuscat. You have the choice of maintaining this deposit in six currencies and can be held for a period of one to five years. The deposits are not liable for tax in India and are freely repatriable.
  • RFC Deposits
    While returning to India for good, you can very well maintain your earnings in the foreign currency by opening a Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) account thereby avoiding conversions at un-favourable exchange rates.For more details and for fixing up appointments with a Relationship Manager, mail expatservices@bankmuscat.com

Other Services

  • PAN Card Assistance
    BankMuscat Expat Services can assist you in getting a PAN card, thereby becoming compliant with the income tax laws in India.
  • KYC Compliance
    Being KYC compliant is mandatory for your investments into Indian Mutual Funds and BankMuscat Expat Services can guide you through the entire process.
  • Home Loans in India*
    If you are looking for a Home Loan for acquisition of a Residential property in major cities in India, BankMuscat Expat Services can assist you in availing the same without any hassle.
*Conditions apply For more details and fixing up appointments with a Relationship Manager, mail expatservices@bankmuscat.com.

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