Secure Online Banking Tips

Protect Yourself

We are committed to make your banking with us a wonderful experience. We have adopted several measures to enhance the security of your funds and protection of your account.

BankMuscat's Safe Online Banking guidelines set out simple steps you can take to ensure that your money and your personal details are safe and secure.

Best Practices for personal security on Online Banking are:

  • Access Online banking by typing the address into your web browser. Never go to websites from a link in an email.
  • Beware of Phishing - Do not disclose User Name and passwords in response to unsolicited emails claiming to be from your bank.
  • Keep your User Name and passwords protected:

    » Never write down your Passwords as they could then be stolen.
    » Your passwords should be complex and difficult to guess.
    » Keep different Login and Post Passwords.
    » Change your passwords regularly, ideally every two months.
    » Never give out or disclose your password to anybody, including family members or BankMuscat employees.

  • Install personal firewall and anti-virus software and regularly update them.
  • Avoid accessing Online Banking from a cyber café or a shared computer.
  • Ensure that your latest mobile number is registered with the bank.

In case you have received any e-mail from an address appearing to be sent by BankMuscat, advising you of account verification or seeking information on your Credit / Debit card number(s) or User name / Password(s) of your BankMuscat Online Banking facility, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. It is BankMuscat's policy not to seek/send such information through email. If you have already disclosed your password please change it immediately.

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