Payroll Accounts

Al Mazyona Salary Plus Account

  • Free SMS alerts on your mobile phone when your salary is credited to your account.
  • Free international Debit Card: Use it to withdraw cash from ATMs or for shopping directly at merchant establishments worldwide.
  • Free Internet Banking facility: Do virtually all your banking transactions from your office or home, such as balance enquiry, bill payment, funds transfer, mobile top-up, etc. through BankMuscat Online.
  • My Money Card: A safe, convenient option for customers who are paid their salary in cash. Every month, the salary is credited directly to the card. This card can be used to withdraw money from ATMs, instead of going to the branch.
  • Free Utility Bill Payment: Pay all your bills such as electricity, telephone, water, Internet, GSM & school fees through any of our e-banking channels.
  • Free Account Statement by mail.
  • Choose from a wide range of remittance options including Speed Transfer, Dial-a-Draft and Telegraphic Transfers.
  • Preferential access to promotional offers from BankMuscat.
  • Unrivalled banking convenience through the largest branch and ATM network in Oman, with e-banking facilities: 24-hour Call Centre, EasyDeposit, Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself some perks? Transfer your salary to BankMuscat and enjoy all these privileges! For more information, please contact: Call Center: 24795555.

Terms & Conditions:

Contact your organisations HR/Personnel / Administration Dept. to find out how to open an al Mazyona SalaryPlus Account and enjoy all the benefits. All offers subject to Bank’s discretion and the Bank reserves the right to introduce any changes at any time.

Payroll Accounts FAQs

How do I open a Salary Account with BankMuscat?

You need to approach your Finance or HR department and ask them to contact BankMuscat so that the Bank can tie-up with your Company/Institution and get your salary assigned to BankMuscat. Once this is done, you and other employees get to enjoy the preferential benefits of a Salary Account.

How much money do I need to deposit to open a Salary Account?

You need not deposit any money to open a Salary Account with BankMuscat. When your salary gets credited to the Salary Account, you can start transactions on the account.

Since I have to assign my monthly salary to BankMuscat to open a Salary Account, how can I do this if I already have a loan with another bank?

Yes, to open a Salary Account your salary will have to be assigned to BankMuscat. In this case, BankMuscat staff will assist you in transferring the loan outstanding to BankMuscat. You of course have a choice of loan products from the Bank.

How do I get a chance to participate in the Al Mazyona Big Gift scheme?

You can participate in the Al Mazyona Big Gift scheme by merely maintaining a minimum balance of RO 100 in your Salary Account. As a matter of fact, your chances to win the prize are greater with the increase in balance in the account.

Is it true that I can use my BankMuscat Visa Electron ATM card even outside Oman?

Yes, you can use the ATM card for getting cash advance or for balance enquiry at any ATM worldwide, which has the Visa Electron signage. So, you can obtain local currency anywhere in the world, while your Salary Account is held in Omani Rials. In such cases you will be debited a cash advance charge of 1.5% of the cash advance amount subject to a minimum of RO 1.5.

How can I pay my utility bills from my Salary Account?

You can pay your utility bills by directly debiting your Salary Account without going to the Billing Company's collection center or paying cash. All that you have to do is to register for the service by through the ATM, CDM, Online banking and mobile banking free of cost. If you prefer to pay your bills through the branches, a nominal charge will be levied.

Is there any charge for using Online banking, Call Centre facilities?

No. All these facilities are free of cost for Salary Account customers.

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