Current Deposit Accounts

Open a Current Account at BankMuscat to suit your business needs, and avail of a range of benefits as listed below. The minimum balance required to open a current account is R.O 200.

  • Cheque Book facility containing 10, 25 and 50 leaves.
  • Free 24 hours ATM facility for individual current account holders at over 434 BankMuscat ATMs across Oman.
  • Cash advance & balance inquiry facility for individual current account holders at all Oman Switch & Visa Electron ATMs across the globe.
  • Carry out practically all your banking transactions over the phone using our toll free 24 hours Call Centre facility.
  • Overdraft facility to meet unforeseen business needs.
  • Login to your Current account anytime, from anywhere using our free BankMuscat Online Banking facility.
  • Carry out shopping at all Visa Electron merchants worldwide using your International Debit card, which is linked to your current account
  • Pay your utility bills like telephone, internet, electricity, water, GSM bills conveniently through our various electronic channels.

Dial Call Centre (+968) 2479 5555 for further detailss.

To open an account from home or office, please dial (+968) 2479 5555 . Our experienced Direct Sales staff will visit you to do the needful.

Current Deposit Account FAQs

Who can open a Current Account with BankMuscat?

You can open a Current Account with the Bank either in your personal name or in the name of the Company.

How much money do I need to deposit to open a new Current Account?

You can open a Current Account with BankMuscat at any of the branches with a minimum of RO 200. In case you wish to open a Current account as an individual, your salary will have to be assigned to BankMuscat.

Do I get Cheque Book facility on my Current Account?

Yes, the bank will issue you a Pre-printed cheque book containing 25 leaves for a charge of RO 2.

Do I get any interest on my Current Account?


Are there any service charges applicable for Current Accounts? Who can open a Current Account with BankMuscat?

In case your balance falls below RO 200 anytime during the month, a service charge of 500 Bz will be levied for that month.

Can I get any overdraft facility from the Bank?

Yes, you can. For more details on the amount of facility and other terms and conditions, please contact your branch.

Can I get an ATM card on my Current Account?

Yes, the Bank issues an ATM card to all Individual / Sole Proprietors with a daily withdrawal limit of RO 600 per day. This ATM card can be used for getting cash advance or for balance enquiry at any ATM worldwide, which has the Visa Electron signage. So, you can obtain local currency anywhere in the world, while your Current Account is held in Omani Rials. In such cases you will be debited a cash advance charge of 1.5% of the cash advance amount subject to a minimum of RO 1.5.

How can I pay my utility bills from my Current Account?

You can pay your utility bills by directly debiting your Current Account without going to the Billing Company's collection center or paying cash. All that you have to do is to register for the service through the ATM, CDM,Online banking and mobile banking free of cost. If you prefer to pay your bills through the branches, a nominal charge will be levied.

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