Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to achieve and sustain a reputation for quality in the national and international markets by offering products and services that exceed the requirements of our customers. We strive to remain the bank of first choice in all our product and services.

Towards this policy, our objectives are:

  • Establishing and maintaining a quality management system in the bank, based on international quality standards.
  • Continually reviewing our products and services, feedback from employees (internal customers) and our customers to ensure that there is continual improvement.
  • Offering our clients excellent service, innovative products and value-added banking while developing with them a mutually beneficial association.
  • Demonstrating vision, professionalism transparency and integrity in the conduct of our business and service.
  • Achieving disciplined growth and reasonable profitability while operating on a sound financial base.
  • Creating value for our shareholders.
  • Encouraging, motivating and developing our human resources our most valuable asset and the cornerstone of the bank.
  • Working towards the successful implementation of government objectives applicable to us.
  • Striving towards and maintaining a pre-eminent position in the banking community in the Sultanate of Oman.

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